The Armory by Gauntlett
Mr. Fold-It
1/35 Set #AG128
Review by Terry Ashley
The Armory by Gauntlett
The Armory by Gauntlett has released this small etched metal bending tool to offer a simple solution to working with etched parts.

The set is small in size measuring just 76mm x 50mm (3inch x 2inch) and comes in a small plastic carry case. The set is made entirely of hard ABS plastic and this may raise an eyebrow with all other etched bending tools being metal but it does work well.

Consisting of the base with four non slip ‘feet’ that sit firmly on your work surface and a small head with five ‘fingers’ of different sizes and the head can also be rotated to use the full length side for bending longer parts.

Bending 'head' rotated to use the full length for bending longer parts
The Armory by Gauntlett

The head is held in place with a spring loaded thumb screw that is loosened to insert the etched part and then using a razor or similar blade bend to the required shape in the same manner as similar tools. There is no blade supplied with the set so you need to buy a razor or similar to use with the tool, preferably a safety blade with cap on one side.

The base top was perfectly flat as was the finger head and they mated perfectly when the thumb screw was tightened, but take care to not over tighten the screw when securing the etched part.

The fingers do hold the parts firmly and I had no problems bending various parts of different sizes while testing the unit and it was very easy to use.

Bending parts using one of the 5 fingers, the two outward facing small fingers
worked just a well as the larger front fingers

The Armory by GauntlettThe Armory by Gauntlett

If you are a moderate or occasional user of etched parts then this set at just USD$18.99 would be an ideal solution and the other advantage is it would be perfect for the travelling modeller being small, light and won’t be detected in airport metal detectors.

The only concern would be its durability but if handled with care it should provide good service for those small bending jobs.

The Armory by Gauntlett sets are available from M&Models website.

Thanks to M&Models for the review sample.

Page created 3 July 2004

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