The Armory by Gauntlett
Sherman Sponson fillers
for the M4 and M4A3

1/35 Set #AG132 & AG133
Review by Terry Ashley
These two sets are designed for the Tamiya M4 Sherman (kit No.35190) and M4A3 Sherman (kits No.35122, 35250, 35251).

Each set consists of the two resin parts for the left and right hull sponson with just the usual casting block to be removed and have underside detail such as the drain plugs and weld beads included.

Fitting the parts is easy but there was some minor trimming needed at each end and a bit of test fitting will see the parts fit precisely.

Simple updates to fill the void under the Tamiya Shermans sponsons.

M4 Sponsons
The Armory by Gauntlett
M4A3 Sponsons
The Armory by Gauntlett

Thanks to M&Models for the review samples.

Page created 9 June 2004

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