The Armory by Gauntlett
T34/85/SU Noses
1:35 Set #AG138

Review by Terry Ashley
A simple set with three different style nose caps used on T-34 and SU vehicles which are cleanly cast with just the usual casting block to be removed.

The three types included are the early or 1st type rounded nose as seen on early T34s and SU vehicles. The second type is the rounded cap with weld seam along the front which is more commonly seen on T-34s and lastly the sharp nose cap of late T-34-76s and T-34-85s.

There may be some trimming needed depending on the target kit but test fitting will determine if any is required.

A nicely cast set that will come in handy to add slightly different detail to any available T-34/SU kit.


The Armory by Gauntlett

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Page created 5 August 2004

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