The Armory by Gauntlett
All Stalin Variants Fuel Tanks & Holders
1:35 Set #AG143

Review by Terry Ashley
This set has the cylindrical fuel tanks and mountings applicable for all Stalin series vehicles during WWII.

The set is cleanly cast in light cream resin with just the usual casting blocks to be removed and some resin film inside the fuel tank lifting handles. There were a few small air holes exposed when the casting block was removed from some tanks (not all) but these are easy to fill or can be positioned on the underside out of sight when fitted to the vehicle.

Detail on the tanks is nicely done with well defined filler cap and weld seam down the centre of the tank with the end mounted lifting handles being separate parts with subtle wear and tear denting also included but this is not excessive and should look convincing when weathered.

The mounting brackets are also well detailed and are easy to add to the target kit.

Nicely cast cylindrical tanks that are well detailed and simply replace the kit parts on whichever kit they are used to add extra details.

Highly recommended

The Armory by GauntlettThe Armory by Gauntlett
The Armory by Gauntlett

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Page created 5 August 2004

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