Griffon Model
15cm Shell Projectile Containers for
WW II German Sd.Kfz.138/1 Ausf.M “Grille”

Griffon Model Set No. L35A027
1:35th Scale

Review by Terry Ashley

The Set:
This set from Griffon Model is designed for the recent Cyberhobby/Dragon Geschützwagen 38 M für s.I.G.33/2 "Grille" (kit #6429) and has the internal 15cm shell containers for the "Grille M". The set can be used on its own to detail the fighting compartment interior or in conjunction with the full update Sd.Kfz.138/1 Ausf.M 15cm sIG.33/2 “Grille” set #L35025 to detail the model further.

The set has a single etched fret for the 9 x 15cm containers and the associated brackets and straps with the quality of the etching being excellent with fine embossing and the usual engraved bending lines to aid in the process.

Each of the main containers needs to be bent to the circular shape and its best to anneal the parts by running them through a candle flame until red hot and then let cool naturally. Of course the usual care is needed when using a naked flame and you also have a bit of black soot to clean off the part after annealing.

Once annealed the containers can be bent around a suitably sized drill bit to obtain a uniform bend, the curved containers are then attached the round base plate which has a slight recess around the edge for the container to "sit" into and this will help in the fitting. A small lip strip is then added around the base of the containers and this is easier to fit after the main joining the container and the base plate and soldering these parts together will provide a more robust assembly.

Added to the containers are the etched retaining straps and these can be joined at the front if the 15cm shell in installed in the container or bent to realistic "droop" if showing an empty container.

The wall mounting brackets are also provided for mounting the containers inside the fighting compartment and these are easily bent to shape using the containers or 15cm shells as guides.

Etched parts.
Griffon Model
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Griffon Model
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This is a fairly simply update set for the Cyberhobby/Dragon "Grille" that provides the 15cm shell containers and the assembly shouldn't be any problem for modellers with some experience in working with etched parts.

The containers will be most effective if shown without the 15cm shell but will also provide better detail definition than the kit plastic containers even when loaded with the shell and the set can be used on its own or with the full update set #L35025 depending on the extent of detailing you wish.

Highly recommended

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Thanks to Griffon Model for the review set

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