Griffon Model
15cm Shell Cartridge Storage Bins for
WW II German Sd.Kfz.138/1 Ausf.M “Grille”

Griffon Model Set No. L35A028
1:35th Scale

Review by Terry Ashley

The Set:
This set from Griffon Model is designed for the recent Cyberhobby/Dragon Geschützwagen 38 M für s.I.G.33/2 "Grille" (kit #6429) and has the internal 15cm shell cartridge storage bins for the "Grille M". The set can be used on its own to detail the fighting compartment interior or in conjunction with the full update Sd.Kfz.138/1 Ausf.M 15cm sIG.33/2 “Grille” set #L35025 to detail the model further.

The set has one larger and one smaller etched fret with 16 Cartridge storage boxes and associated brackets and latches with the quality of the etching again being excellent with fine embossing and the usual engraved bending lines to aid in the process.

Each of the storage boxes is simply bent to shape and the inner bottom plate fitted with the door as a separate part, there are separate hinges and latches but these are not designed to be workable and you should choose if you want the boxes open or closed?

The assembled storage boxes simply replace the kit boxes in the wall mountings and there are also etched mounting strips for the boxes before fitting to the wall mountings.

Also included are four charge cases made up of flat strips that have to be bent to form the circular case with a separate lower base and top cover plate. Bending the containers will be best served by annealing the strips first but will still require a bit of work to eliminate the join seam and soldering this will be best to allow it to be filed smooth.

Etched parts.
Griffon Model
Instruction Sheet
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Griffon Model
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Another fairly simply update set for the Cyberhobby/Dragon "Grille" that provides the 15cm cartridge storage bins and assembly is fairly straightforward as you don't have to worry about working hinges and will allow you to show the boxes open with nice scale thickness box sides and doors.

Assembly of the round cartridge cases will require a bit more effort particularly in eliminating the join seam and including these are sections of brass rod as would provide a simpler option for the modeller.

The set can again be used on its own or with the full update set #L35025 depending on the extent of detailing you wish to add to your model.

Highly recommended

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15cm sIG33/2 (sf) auf GW 38(t) "Grille" (Sd.kfz.138/1) Part 1: Ausf.M
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Thanks to Griffon Model for the review set

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