Griffon Model
German 75mm Barrel for PaK40
Griffon Model 1:35 Set #LB35002 with Early Muzzle Brake
Griffon Model 1:35 Set #LB35003 with Middle Muzzle Brake
Griffon Model 1:35 Set #LB35004 with Late Muzzle Brake
Reviews by Terry Ashley

The Set:

Griffon Model have released these three sets for the PaK40 75mm AT Gun barrel that can be used on any applicable PaK40kits as well as others with slightly modified PaK40/3 for the Sd.Kfz.251/22, Sd.Kfz.234/4, the various Marder II/III types. The three types provided are labeled Early (set #LB35002), Middle (set #LB35003) and Late (set #LB35004) with the difference being the shape of the muzzle brake.

While the sets are labeled Early, Mid, Late there is no distinct delineation between the introduction of each muzzle brake type and the three types can been seen at overlapping time periods depending on the vehicle they were used on so the names are basically just to differentiate between the sets.

Each barrel is made up of the full length barrel in aluminium with rifling included in the drilled out muzzle plus 4 brass and 9 etched parts for the muzzle brakes.

Dimensionally the barrel length matches available data and the 1:35 plans in the Nuts & Bolts book below it should be noted that the 1:35 plans in the AGP book have the barrel length considerably less than it should be which may cause some confusion. One interesting point is while the length matches the plans the position of the central cradle attachment strip bracket is fractionally further back than the Nuts & Bolts plans indicate. But the barrel contours match all available kits and are designed to fit the kit cradles without any alignment problems and the small discrepancy wouldn't be noticed in any case unless you carry around a set of plans and calipers?

Common Metal and etched parts
Griffon Model
Muzzle brake halves for the 3 types
Griffon Model
Barrel rifling
Griffon Model

The sizes and shapes of the three muzzle brakes match available data and photos very well with the fit to the aluminium barrel also being quite snug not requiring any filing or other alterations. The barrel rifling is a little on the crude side having very thick grooves but as this is hard to see once the muzzle brakes are fitted is probably not an issue?

Assembly of the muzzle brake is straightforward with the two small etched flanges on the inner bearing fitting easily in place due to the raised lip on the brass flange and this should be attached inside the front muzzle brake part as indicated in the instructions as this makes fitting the two muzzle brake parts together much easier.

When fitting the two muzzle brake halves together ensure the large openings are lined up correctly which may sound logical but if using cyanoacrylate and focusing on fitting the parts together these may be misaligned? After joining the two muzzle brake halves together there is a small join seam between the two that will need to be eliminated and soldering and lightly filing the join would be the easiest method to deal with this.

There is a small etched retaining bracket added to the top of the muzzle brake made up of three very small etched parts that will need care removing from the frets and fitting. You should also note the small bolt head goes to the back of the etched bracket as again indicated correctly in the instructions.

You then slip the brass collar and etched ring onto the barrel and add the assembled muzzle brake to complete the barrel assembly.

Muzzle brake collar and etched ring added to barrel
Griffon Model
Inner bearing added to forward muzzle brake half
note separate etched bearing rings to be fitted

Griffon Model
Assembled muzzle brakes
Griffon Model
Images of actual muzzle brakes (early, mid, late types)
Voyager Models

Fitting the barrel to any of the applicable kits will need the barrel collar cut from the kit breech as most have this moulded with the breech, the barrel hole in the kit breech may have to be enlarged depending on the kit used and test fitting will determine this.

This set doesn't include the barrel securing strip but just the indentation on the barrel where this would go but should look okay when fitted to the target kit using the kits mounting bracket to sit the barrel on.

Instruction sheet common for all three sets
with just the muzzle brake parts being different

Griffon Model

These are nicely machined PaK40 muzzle brakes with the correct dimensions and match available data and photos very well with just the join seam the be eliminated to produce excellent looking PaK40 muzzle brakes.

You only get the barrel and muzzle brakes in the set and not additional parts for the gun cradle as with some other sets but the muzzle brakes themselves are arguably some of the best available at this time.

Highly Recommended.

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Nuts & Bolts Vol.18
Marder III H & Pak40


Thanks to my credit card and Lucky Model for the review set

See the Griffon Model website for full details of update sets available.

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