Gum Ka
Panther D & A
Basic Set
No. T-05

for Dragon Panther A & D kits
(Kit No.6160, 6164)

The first of three etched sets from Gum Ka designed for the new Dragon Panther kits, this set consists of a small etched fret (86x62mm) which has the six large engine deck grills, the centre intake (made up of 7 circular parts) plus the side mounting brackets for the kits plastic Schuerzen plates.
Gum Ka

The quality of the etching is excellent with extremely fine etching on the grills and is certainly equal to the standard we see from the leading companies. A nice touch is a small template included in one corner of the fret to use as a guide when bending the side plate mounting brackets; this will ensure they are all bent in the same place to align to the plates correctly. These brackets are well detailed with 6 pieces to each bracket and will add some nice detail to the kit side plates.

This set will fit the Dragon Panther A (6160) and also the newly released D (6164) and as you would expect the grills are an exact fit to the kit engine deck intakes.

The instructions are entirely written in Chinese. As well as text there are fairly clear illustrations to show the assembly sequence and location of the parts, so there shouldn’t be any problems using them?

Highly recommended.

See also set No.T-06 Panther A Exterior Set and No.T-07 Panther D Exterior Set.

Gum Ka detail sets are available from the excellent mail order service at Rainbow Ten.

Page Created 3 August 2002

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