Gum Ka
T-34 mod 1940/41
Set No. T-10

for Dragon T-34-76 1940/41

This small etched set is designed for the new Dragon T-34-67 Mod 1940 and the Mod 1941 to follow in the future with cleanly etched parts with the grill work particularly finely done.

The main part in the set is the rear engine deck grills which require you to remove the plastic grills from kit part G17. The etched grills consist of the large section with the fine grillwork and separate frame sections with bolt head detail that is layered over the top of the grill section to give better detail relief.
Under the grills are the two large baffles that are fitted to the rear hull cutout and help fill the void which can be seen though the large grill areas.

The remaining parts are the strap supports for the hull side storage boxes and small fillets on the front fenders and the small circular latch on the rear engine inspection hatch.

In all a simple set that has the main parts for any T-34 in the rear engine deck grills as well as the underside baffles as a very reasonable price.

Gum Ka
Below are images of the grills and baffles being fitted to the Dragon kit.
The baffles fit precisely to the Dragon hull without any fuss.
Gum Ka
Dragon Part G17 with the plastic grillwork removed.
Gum Ka
The Gum Ka etched grills fitted to the Dragon engine cover.
Gum Ka
Engine cover fitted to the Dragon hull showing the baffles visible below.
Gum Ka

Gum Ka detail sets are available via the excellent service from Rainbow Ten.

Page Created 11 February 2004

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