Tiger I
Early/Mid Gun Mantlets

1/35th scale
Set#2 (35018), Set#3 (35019), Set#4 (35020)
Reviews by Terry Ashley

Hussar Productions have released a series of mantlets for Early/Mid Production Tiger Is and offer just above every one of the many small variations seen in the mantlets produced at different times and by different manufacturers.

The mantlets are cast in a light cream resin and are blemish free with a very good textured finish and all that is needed is to remove the casting block and make whatever minor mods are needed to mount on any Tiger I kit.

Each set has three different mantlets and with some you have to look closely to see the subtle differences with a couple also having the rain guard above the sight apertures, which was a field modification so you can add this yourself on the other mantlets from thin card if you wish.

Set#2 (left), Set#3 (middle), Set#4 (right)
Hussar ProductionsHussar ProductionsHussar Productions
Armoured barrel sleeve, 3 per set
Hussar ProductionsHussar Productions

The detail on the mantlets includes the muzzle of the co-ax machine gun and they all have the large armoured barrel cover as a separate part which fits into the recess in the middle of the mantlet. Some of the armoured covers had minor warping that sees the open end not completely round but heating in hot water and shaping with a suitably sized rod should fix this.

Hussar Productions

All the mantlets in the sets are illustrated in the recent MMIR Modellers Guide to the Tiger I so you can see them in use and get an idea of the vehicles and period they were used.

Well cast mantlets that will add nice variety to your Tiger I especially if you plan on building more that one and what Tiger nut doesn’t. The mantlets will fit any of the Tiger I kits from Tamiya and Academy with only minor mods and should be very useful.

Highly Recommended

These Ammo sets are distributed by AirConnection Canada.

Thanks to Michael of AirConnection for the sample sets.

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