T-34-85 & SU-100
BSh and SPO

Hussar Productions 1:35 Set #35038
Review by Terry Ashley

This update set from Hussar Productions is designed for any available T-34-85 or SU-100 kit and the latest kits from Dragon (T-34-85 kits #6266, 6319 and SU-100 #6359) are the obvious choice but can also be used for any other available kit.

Included are 7 parts in light cream resin, a fret of etched parts produced by ABER and a short length of braided copper wire with the standard of resin casting being very good with just small casting blocks to be removed and no other blemishes evident. The etched parts being from ABER are well defined and included some very small parts that will need care when fitting.

The exhaust covers are the later type with indentations between the securing bolts and are typically fitted to later SU-100s and include small etched brackets for attaching the pipes. These are perfect for updating the recent Dragon SU-100 kit #6359 which only includes the earlier straight exhaust covers and these included a subtle cast effect that should come up well with careful weathering.

The two drum BSh Smoke Generators fitted to the rear hulls of later T-34-85s and SU-100s consist of the cleanly cast drums as well as etched securing straps and brackets that have additional small etched bolt heads and fine grab handles for the smoke drums.

Also included are the typical SPO (Self Pulling Out devices) which are small brackets with short lengths of cable attached which can be used to winch out stranded vehicles and these consist of the two brackets in finely cast resin and the copper cable provided.

It is a simple matter of cutting the cable to length and attaching either end to the cable to the resin brackets prior to fitting to the vehicle.

As a bonus is a resin ‘wooden’ panel fitted between the front mud guards to allow additional storage to be carried and the resin panel has two small etched brackets for fitting to the front hull.

The double sided instruction sheet has very detailed exploded view drawings showing the construction of the BSh and SPOs which should make assembly quite straight forward.


A very detailed set with good quality resin and etched parts that will allow you to add these later items to the applicable kits and will be very useful for Russian armour builders.

Highly recommended 8/10
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