AB41 Autoblinda

1:35 Hussar Set #35042
Review by Terry Ashley

Italeri This set of wheels from Hussar Productions is designed for the recent Italeri kit of the AB41 Autoblinda (kit #6442) and consists of six cleanly cast resin wheels with the tropical sand tyre fitted.

The standard of resin casting is superb as we have come to expect from Hussar with each wheel having a very small casting point leaving the smallest of scars once cleaned up which can easily be hidden at the ground contact point.

There are no blemishes in the wheel rims or tyre tread pattern, especially around the pour point which can often be a problem with resin wheels and they are also cast perfectly round.

Detail in the hubs is superb with very crisp details which I am happy to say are not just resin reproductions of the kit hubs and include finer details such as the tyre valve stem and clean indentations around the outer rim.


The diameter of the wheel rims equals that shown in available 1:35 plans but the central hubs are about 1.0mm larger but don’t look too oversized when referring to photos of the real rims.

The two spares also have the valve stems included as well as the six small wing nuts used to remove the rim bolts which I have seen left in place on some photos but many photos show the wheels without the nuts and you can simply cut these off if not needed.

The sand tyres on these wheels are far more accurate than on other resin wheels with the ridges and tyre size embossing on the sidewalls but more importantly has the rounded profile of the tread section and not the flat profile of other wheels.
Referring to photos of the sand tyres will confirm the rounded profile is correct and they also conform to available sizes for the outside tyre diameter.

To fit these wheels to the Italeri kit only need to cut about 2mm off the axle stubs which are designed to go through the Italeri kit wheels and they then fit neatly into the locating hole included on the inside of the resin wheels, all very easy.

Another superbly cast and detailed set of wheels that include the correct tread pattern profile as well as other details such as side wall embossing and valve stem on the rims to add that much more detail to the Italeri AB41.

Highly recommended

Below is a quick comparison with the other resin sand tyre sets available from Italian Kits and R&J Products both of which either use the italeri wheel rims or are reproductions thereof with both also having the flat tread profile and bare sidewalls.

These Hussar wheels offer more details than either of the two resin sets available or the kit wheels.

Comparison of available resin sand wheels for the AB41
with image of real wheel showing the round profile tread pattern.


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Hussar Productions are available from and distributed by AirConnection Canada.
Airconnection Thanks to Michael of AirConnection Canada for the review set

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