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M2/M3 Halftrack Wheels - 3 types
1:35 Hussar Set #35054
Review by Terry Ashley

Hussar Productions released a set of replacement front wheels designed for the Dragon/Cyberhobby M2A1/M4 Half-Track kits (#6329, 6361) last year but this set had a number of detail issues that made them unattractive in light of other wheel sets available.

We now see that these wheels have been re-designed and re-released in this set, which while having the same set number now has six wheels with two different hub styles and three different thread patterns for even better value.

It has to be said how refreshing it is to see a producer take on board constructive criticism and do something about it by addressing the issues and Hussar are to be commended for this positive approach.

The Directional Chevron Tread / Standard Rim wheels were very common on early Half Tracks and on many pilot and training half tracks but rarely on operational vehicles especially after D-Day while the NDMS pattern and Combat Rim wheels is the most common style seen on operational vehicles with almost all photos of Half Tracks after D-Day having this wheel combination.

The set:
The new set has two styles of Directional Chevron Tread on Standard Rims and and the standard NDMS tread pattern on Combat Rim wheels with two wheels of each design included in the set.

The wheels have very small casting blocks and some thin resin film in the rim lightening holes to be removed but this is the extent of the cleanup with no air holes or other blemishes on the wheels in my set.

Hussar Productions

The casting quality is very good resulting in cleanly defined rim, hub and tread details with all the issues of the first set addressed as well as adding the tyre air valve for even better detail that results in superb looking wheels. You should take care not to cut off the air valve thinking it is excess resin as they are quite finely cast.

Looking at the NDMS wheels with Combat Rims the hub details are well done and the contours of the outer rim also nicely done with the correct curve and lightening holes and include the air valve as mentioned. The lightening holes may be slightly oversized when viewed from some angles but a lot less noticeable than on the first wheels and don't distract from the overall appearance.
The tyre tread pattern is also more rounded at the shoulder while extending around into the sidewalls as it should and comparing with the images of the real wheels shows they match almost perfectly.

Images comparing the rims of available NDMS Combat Rims Half-track wheels
and the real rim (lower right).
Note the improvements over the first release wheels that result in superbly detailed wheels.

DragonHussar ProductionsHussar Productions
Tank WorkshopTrakzTrakz

Moving to the DCSR wheels there are two tread pattern styles included to offer nice variation on the wheels and the hub details are again very well done with correctly sized lightening holes and the air valve included. The revised tread pattern now extends around the shoulder of the tyre as it should and is evident when comparing the photos of the real wheels.

Images comparing the resin DCSR wheels and the real wheels (right)
Note the improvements over the first release wheels that result in superbly detailed wheels.

Hussar ProductionsHussar Productions

Hussar have also correctly depicted the directional tread pattern for left and right hand wheels which means you should take care to fit the wheels on the correct side of the kit to represent this. There are pictures showing a mix if tread directions but the standard fit has the tread pattern facing down when looking from the front.

Right and left hand wheels showing tread direction
Hussar Productions

Fitting the resin wheels to the Dragon kits is very straightforward but you will have to trim the small locating pin from the kit wheel hubs (parts D11, D20) with the wheels then fitting neatly to the hubs.

This revised set of Half-Track wheels has superb casting quality with excellent hub details, correctly sized lightening holes and tread pattern now nicely rendered including extending around the shoulder and the inclusion of the air valve simply adds more detail.

It may have taken two tries but these wheels are close too if not the best detailed set of replacement Half-track wheels now available and worth getting even if you have some of the other sets available.

Highly recommended 9/10

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