Sturmtiger Barrel
Hussar 1:35 Set #35055
Review by Terry Ashley

AFV Club
The set:
Hussar Productions have released this resin replacement barrel for the AFV Club Sturmmörser Tiger (kit #AF35103) which consists of just one part cast in light cream resin.
Single Resin part

The quality of the resin casting is excellent with just some very small remnants of the casting blocks to be cleaned up from the back of the shield and on the two larger counter weights as well as the large casting block on the rear of the barrel. There were a few small air holes in the two side rod extensions on the barrel and these would have to be replaced with small sections of plastic rod to remedy this.

Detail on the large mantlet sees the correct 31 gas holes around the muzzle and subtle casting texture on the mantlet with the rifling going the full length of the barrel tube for an excellent appearance with the central barrel section including the smaller inner ball mountings that replace the kit parts SE2, SE3.
You may want to drill out the gas holes to improve the appearance further but that's up to the individual as they are quite well defined as they come.

The top contours of the shield appear a little on the sharp side from some angles but toning these down with light sanding will fix this if you think it's a problem?

Due to the full barrel in one piece fitting it to the kit gun mounting parts will need a slightly different approach. Firstly you slip the round collar (kit part SB19) over the rear of the barrel and then fit the ball mounting parts SE3, SE4 as per kit instructions. The rear breech parts then fit straight to the resin barrel without any alterations needed.

Barrel assembly

This assembly then fits to the kit glacis as per instruction for an overall easy update and you can fit either of the additional kit barrel counter weights (parts SC19, SC28) depending on the model being built.

Two views of the assembled barrel fitted to the AFV Club kit
A very nicely cast and detailed barrel with the muzzle gas holes better positioned than the kit barrel and the rifling well defined for the full length of the tube.

Dealing with the two air holes in the barrel side rods was the only issue with my set and fitting to the kit was very easy without any kit modifications required to improve the look of the kit barrel with minimal work needed.

Highly recommended 8/10

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Airconnection Thanks to Michael of AirConnection Canada for the review set

Page created February 24, 2008