Staghound Wheels
Cross Country Type

Hussar 1:35 Set #35060
Review by Terry Ashley

The set:
This latest wheel set from Hussar Productions provides a set of Staghound Wheels with the different "Cross Country" tread pattern and is designed specifically for the Bronco Models kit of the T17E1 Staghound A/C Mk.1 (kit #CB-35011) although they could be used on the recent Italeri kit of the same vehicle (kit #6459) with only minor modifications.

Resin wheels

The quality of the resin casting is good overall with just some very small remnants of the casting blocks to be cleaned up from the tread but there were some small air holes either side of the casting block and in two of the wheel hubs there was a small air hole but they are fairly small and those on the tread pattern can be hidden at ground contact with the remainder of the tread pattern being blemish free.

Resin wheels showing the air holes present around the pour point,
but these can be mostly hidden at the lower ground contact although a few may need filling.


Detail on the hubs is very well defined as is the embossing on the sidewalls which includes the name "Ground Grip", the wheel size "1400 20 and "US" all of which are perfectly legible. The tread pattern is also well defined apart from the air holes as mentioned above and a little excess resin in some of the tread also around the pour point which is easy to remove.

Detail on the inside rim/tyre is fairly basic but this area is mostly hidden after assembly and so is not really a problem but would be more exposed if you articulate the kit front wheels.

The wheels are designed as mentioned to fit to the Bronco Models Staghound kit with the small circular ridge on the inside hub of the front wheels and the hole for the kit axle on the rear wheels. One thing to note is there is a small notch on the inside of the kit front brake drum that fits into the circular ridge on the inside hub but you will have to remove this notch so you can position the resin wheels with the air holes at the lower ground contact point, that being the only modifications to fit them to the Bronco kit.

Inside of the front wheels showing the circular locating ridge
to fit to the Bronco kit brake drums


You can fit these to the Italeri Staghound kit with a few minor modifications which include removing the circular ridge from the inside of the front resin wheels and trimming the ends of the kit axles to fit into the holes in the resin wheels. From there they fit straight to the kit to give further possibilities for the set.

The resin wheels fitted to the Bronco kit
And the Bronco kit wheels to show the difference in tread pattern offered

Another nicely cast set of wheels from Hussar Productions although there are the air holes and a little excess resin around the pour point which may need attention if not fully hidden at ground contact after fitting to the kit.

The wheels hub detail is nicely defined and the "Cross Country" tread pattern offers a nice alternative to the kit wheels to give a different look to your Staghound.

As mentioned with only minor modifications the wheels can also be used on the Italeri Staghound kit.

Highly recommended 8/10

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