Churchill Early Heavy Plate tracks
IMA Track Set #35008
1:35th Scale
Review by Terry Ashley

One major feature required for the various Churchill Mk.I/II/III/IV conversion sets from IMA is the early heavy plate track as the later manganese tracks in the Tamiya kits are not suitable.

IMA have released a separate set of individual early heavy plate track links that are cleanly cast with just a couple of very small casting block ‘scars’ to be removed from each link.

The track links are not designed to be workable but simply to be glued together to form the track runs which fit nicely around the Tamiya sprockets.

If you feel that way inclined it is possible to make these links workable by drilling small holes through each link and joining together with wire pins, much like some other workable track sets. When drilling the holes ensure these are perfectly straight and there are small pin indentations on the edges of each link which helps lining up the drill holes.

Before inserting the pin I fitted the links together and drilled through both links to ensure the hole lined up between the links. But you should take care as the hard resin is quite brittle and if any access pressure is used when inserting the pin could break off parts of the link brackets. Once fitted together the links articulated freely with the process being quite time consuming but made the track run easy to fit around the sprockets.

A simple set of early heavy plate track that if glued together is quick and easy to assemble and fit to the applicable kit with the option to make workable if you have the time.


Assembled tracks with wire pin to make workable

Thanks to LionMarc Model Designs and IMA for the review set.
IMA sets are available through the LionMarc website.

Page created October 17, 2005

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