Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.F1/F2
Italeri Kit No. 6217
1/35th Scale
First Look Review by Terry Ashley

Italeri have re-released their kit of the Panzer IV Ausf.F1/F2 which in its day was regarded as quite a nice kit. The original boxing was for the F1/F2/G and all the original parts are still in the box although the G isn’t mentioned in the new instructions.

While the detail on the kit was good for its day they are lacking in some areas by today’s standards while there are some details that still stand up.

One problem is the kit mixes features from the three versions such as only a single vision port on the turret front when there should be two for the F1/F2 version.

The lower hull tub is quite nice with underside details and separate suspension details such as the idler wheel mounts, final drive housings and retaining bracket for the suspension units with the detail on the drive sprocket and tube idlers is also quite okay.

On the rear hull panel is separate exhausts (engine and auxiliary) although there isn’t the covered smoke grenade rack that was often seen on Ausf. Fs.

On the hull front are alternate crew hatches with the signal ports (F1/F2 early) and without the signal ports (F2 late/G) for a choice depending on the vehicle being modelled?

The turret is quite basic by today’s standards with a noticeable lack of weld seams and a large bulge on the rear where it should be smooth and as mentioned lacks the right hand front vision port for the F versions. On the turret side walls are separate vision ports as these were on the Ausf. F but not on the Ausf.G making it east to depict whichever arrangement you want although the three small bolts above these ports are missing.

The commander’s cupola is in two parts that fit around the inner tower moulded with the turret but again is very basic and could well be replaced with aftermarket cupolas like those from Armory of the Gauntlet, Mig Productions and Tiger Model Designs.

Three different guns are provided with initial short barrelled 7.5cm KwK37 L/24 of the F1 and the longer 7.5cm KwK40 L/43 with global muzzle brake (F2) and double baffle muzzle brake (G) so you can again choose your weapon.

On the inside is a basic gun breech and full hull MG34 so the interior isn’t completely empty if you leave either the separate turret or hull hatches open.

Some of the pioneer tools are moulded without tool clips with nice details and allows the use of etched clips without having to remove the moulded on clips first while other such as the jack and axe do have moulded on clips.

ItaleriThe tracks are vinyl full length and have quite nice details but are a little stiff for when adding track sag and there is also a selection of Jerry cans and rack to add to the hull side fenders on applicable vehicles.

Three figures are included with quite good details that should look okay when painted.

The decal sheet has markings for four vehicles;

Although the kit has a mixture of F/G features and lacks details in some areas such as the turret, there are still some nice details included as on the hull and suspension and you get the choice of three versions (guns and other details) it does represent good value for money if you don’t mind a bit of work to get the actual version required.


The Sprues

Detail Images
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