Jordi Rubio
77mm Comet A34 Barrel
Jordi Rubio Barrel Set #TG-89
1:35th Scale

Review by Terry Ashley

The Set:

Jordi Rubio have also released a replacement metal barrel for the Bronco Models kit of the A34 Comet (kit #35010) and consists of a one piece turned aluminium barrel that includes the muzzle brake.

Single piece barrel
Jordi Rubio

The set is called "17 Pounder" but this is incorrect as the Comet barrel is designated "77mm" as it is shorter than the Firefly 17 Pounder with different rounds and designated differently to avoid confusion.

Dimensionally the actual 77mm barrel measures from where it exits the mantlet to the start of the muzzle brake at 104.5inches which equals 75.83mm in 1:35 scale with this barrel measuring out at 75.2mm which is the same length as the Bronco kit barrel and as the difference is only 0.6mm it's of little consequence.

The muzzle brake lacks any detail at all on the collar and is too short and too angular in profile and unfortunately is not a good representation of the standard 77mm barrel muzzle brake but it does have the correct barrel taper and the flared section is the correct profile.

Close-up of muzzle brake with image of real muzzle brake
Jordi RubioAccurate Armour
Comparison with Bronco kit muzzle brake and the
Lionmarc (Set #LM10010) muzzle brake

Jordi Rubio

The barrel has the same rear neck as the Bronco barrel and is a straight replacement and will fit to the Bronco kit as per instructions. I have not fitted the barrel to any of the available resin mantlet covers as the incorrect muzzle brake contours makes it a wasted exercise.

To get the best Comet barrel from those currently available would see you cutting off the undersized muzzle brake from this barrel and adding the Lionmarc muzzle brake if you don't mind a bit of work as well as the added expense of buying two barrels to make one good one?


As it comes there is not a lot to recommend as the muzzle brake is too short with the wrong profile but the barrel itself has nice taper contours but as a stand alone barrel it's not as good as others available.

See the A34 Comet Subject page for additional detail/update set reviews available.


Thanks to my credit card and Blast Models for the review set.

Page created January 16, 2007