2cm FlaK38
early version upgrade set

K59 1:35 Scale Set No. C-006
Review by Terry Ashley

K59 Production from Hong Kong have released some exquisite resin sets in the past and have now released this extensive early FlaK38 update set designed for the Tristar 2cm FlaK38 (kit #35010) or Flakpanzer IA (kit #35019).

While the Tristar kits are a very good start they can as with any kit do with some additional detailing but this update set is more a replacement set with just 10 parts plus the lower base (with 5 parts) used from the Tristar FlaK38 kit with everything else replaced with resin or metal parts from the ‘update’ set.

The kit:
There are 69 parts in light grey/green resin plus a turned brass barrel produced for K59 by Schatton Modellbau but this is not the same as their own FlaK38 barrel (set #3505) as it is just the barrel and flash suppressor without any of the gun housing which we will look at shortly.

Etched parts

The standard of the resin is simply superb with very clean casting on the many extremely small parts and others cast almost paper thin but without any warping or other blemishes other than a couple of very small air bubbles in a few parts.

Some parts such as the magazine rack on the left mounting side is cast as thin as any etched part and includes the raised ribs and the gun shields are also very thin being almost translucent with extremely small wing huts and brackets included on the inside with very fine rivet detail but again without any warping or other blemishes. Included in the set are etched templates to alter the shields for use in the Flakpanzer IA and the etched templates are actually thicker than the resin shields themselves.

The only cleanup required are quite small casting blocks and the occasional fine resin film but as you would expect with so many small and finely cast parts extreme care is needed when removing the casting blocks and in handling. One word of warning when handling the many small parts is to work well over the workbench as the carpet monster will surely devour any part you drop. 

Most of the resin parts have locating holes and pins to ensure correct placement much the same as conventional kits with virtually no trimming needed during assembly but some of the small locating holes for the separate fine pins may need enlarging slightly for a better fit.

The lower Tristar outrigger base has the hand wheels replaced with extremely finely cast parts and one of the smallest wing nut you will see and the turntable base has the outer bolted rim replaced with an etched part which has to have the bolts lined up correctly and there are a couple of small tabs on the part to aid with this which you file off after attaching the ring.

Fine resin detail added to base

From here it’s basically all new resin with just the 9 small plastic parts from the kit used as mentioned plus the numerous etched parts.

The main 2cm gun has a separate housing/receiver with fully open shell feed chute with separate door which has detail on both sides if you wish to glue this in the open position and this sits into the lower cradle with the use of two front securing pins as does the real thing. These pins like all others are very small and care is needed when handling in case I hadn’t mentioned that before?

The two circular bearing rings are superbly detail with a small triangular fillet which go to the front on each side so take care here and these have large locating pins for a secure and precise fit to the gun cradle.

gun bearing

Added to the gun is the separate brass barrel done by Schatton Modellbau which fits into the hole already provided in the gun leaving the correct 28.5mm barrel length exposed. The barrel flash suppressor has the six open collar holes and three rows of fine holes in the suppressor which is correct but as with their own barrel the inside of the flash suppressor cone is not fully hollowed out but is just bevelled at the tip with hole drilled for the rest leaving the suppressor with thicker insides. This may not be that noticeable as the suppressor is quite small on the 2cm but compared to other metal barrels such as those from ABER, Adlers Nest, armorscale and Lion Roar it is more apparent.

Also the fit into the housing hole leaves a little play and you must ensure the barrel is perfectly parallel to the housing when gluing as it is easy for this to be offset giving a bent look.

2cm gun and cradle parts

Added to the lower turntable are the new side mountings and these are again superbly cast with numerous additional small resin and etched parts to be added including the separate upper shield support arms held in place by more small resin pins.

Gun mounting detail and inner bracket

The front battery box mounting and the gunners foot pedal mountings have numerous etched brass parts adding considerable fine detail while the gunner’s chair is a small assembly in itself and can be positioned down in the firing position or folded in the travel position with very small etched hinge brackets between the chair base and lower turntable.

Gunner's seat

At the top the main sight and mounting arm is again completely in fine resin and etched parts with the reflector sight provided in clear resin with the sight cover being in etched brass for a good scale appearance but careful bending is required on this.

Added to the mountings are many smaller fittings with both resin and etched parts along with very fine etched chain to add to the small securing pins on the bearing sand shield mountings for further fine detail.


The large front shields as mentioned are in very thin resin with very fine details and large mounting rack at the bottom while the smaller top shield is in two parts which allow this to be shown folded if required and has additional small etched loops added to all shields which again will require care.

Inner gun shield detail

Also provided are etched templates to modify the outline of the shields to use with the Flakpanzer IA and using these to mark out the new outline with a fine pencil before cutting is the best option. A word of warning when cutting the shields, due the very thin resin they tend to flex if you just cut normally with a hobby knife and removing small sections at a time is better than trying for one cut to avoid any problems.

This will allow you to use the K59 gun with either of the available Flakpanzer IA kits to improve the gun in those kits or with the ground trailer with the Tristar kit for additional finishing choices.

With an update set with so many very small parts you would want good instructions and that is exactly what K59 five you with a one sheet with the parts layout photo clearly identifying the parts and another two larger double sided sheets for the assembly sequences.

There are in the form of exploded view drawings supplemented with clear photos of the assembled parts making for some of the clearest and easy to follow instructions I’ve seen in a resin update set.

The quality of the resin in this set is some of the best you will see with extremely fine castings and others cast as thin as etched metal but without the slightest hint of warping which allows the raised detail to be more accurately depicted while having excellent scale thickness and fidelity with minimal clean up.

This obviously means you have to be extremely careful when handing the many fine parts but the end result is worth the effort with the fit of the parts being very precise due to the many locating pins and holes provided with no trimming required at all.

If you want the most detailed early FlaK38 possible then this update set will provide it and while the Tristar kit is no slouch many of the parts in this sets are far finer than is possible with injection moulding with the many etched parts adding the final touches along with the metal barrel.

Highly recommended 8.5/10

Resin parts
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