M2/M3 Suspension Upgrade Kit
K59 1:35 Scale Set No. C-008
Review by Terry Ashley

K59 released an extensive update set for the M2/M3 Suspension a few years ago designed for the various aging Tamiya M3 Half-track kits and have now followed this with a set designed exclusively for the recent Dragon/Cyberhobby M2A1/M4 Half-Track kits (#6329, 6361).

The kit:
The set consists of 13 parts cast in a light grey resin and are designed to be used in conjunction with the Dragon/Cyberhobby suspension parts such as just the outer drive and idler sprockets provided that are used with the inner kit sprockets.

resin parts

Standard of resin casting is simply superb as we have seen from previous K59 sets with extremely fine detail and just some thin resin film and small casting blocks to be removed from the parts which is easily done but you need to take care due to the finesse of the parts.

And so what do you get in the set, as mentioned there are the outer drive and idler sprockets with just some very minor resin film in some of the sprocket holes with the rib detail noticeably finer than on the Dragon/Cyberhobby kit parts. Assembling the sprockets is exactly as per instructions with you just replacing the resin outer sprockets for the corresponding plastic parts.

Comparison of the kit and resin sprockets showing the finer ribs on the resin parts

The rear idler springs are in two parts, the spring unit with the correctly depicted end detail and springs hollowed out at the outer end with a separate inner piston that fits neatly to the kit idler mounting without any alterations needed to the kit parts.

Spring unit detail

For the suspension bogie the inner mounting half with suspension arms is provided in resin and includes the two drain holes missing from the kit parts, this again fits straight to the kit chassis without any alterations required.

Inner bogie mounting and spring unit in place

The outer bogie has the central section with the return roller arms provided in resin that includes the small securing bolts on the return roller arms and the exhaust support for the right bogie. Adding the exhaust support requires you to cut off the bolt heads with this being the only modifications required on any part during the assembly.

Outer bogie unit added with exhaust mountin on the right bogie

The rest of the bogie units and suspension is assembled as per instructions using the kit parts making this a relatively simple update not requiring any kit modifications.

This is a superbly cast update set that adds considerable finesse to the Dragon/Cyberhobby parts with the finer ribs on the sprockets as well as providing other bogie detail missing from the kit parts.

Assembly couldn’t be easier with the resin parts simply replacing the kit parts and will improve the kit suspension quite markedly.

U.S. Half-Track fans will welcome this update set to dress up the Dragon/Cyberhobby suspension.

Highly recommended 9/10

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Thanks to my credit card and the excellent service from Lucky Model for the review kit.

Page createdApril 10, 2008

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