Tiger I Early Track Links
Karaya 1:35 Set No. MTR-01
Review by Terry Ashley

After a long development Karaya have released this set of workable metal track links for the Tiger I early production kits and includes 200 individual links cast in ZnAl alloy with a long length of copper wire to be cut up for use as the track pins.

Metal track links with track pins cut from wire provided
The details on the links is excellent with very well defined rib details with just some minor excess metal around the open guide tooth lightening holes which is easily removed with an old hobby knife. There is also a single shallow ejector pin mark and minor casting seam on the back of each link which should be easy to remove with light filing.

Assembly is quite straightforward with you firstly cutting the wire provided into 19.5mm (3/4in) lengths using a pair of fine wire clippers and simply fitting the links together by inserting the wire into the pre-drilled pin holes. By adding a small bend at the end of each wire pin will hold the pin in place when pushed all the way into the links and no glue was needed with the assembled track runs being very robust due to being all metal.

Track assembly, note bend in end of wire pin to hold in place without glue
when pushed into place


The assembled track runs fitted perfectly to the Dragon kit #6252 drive sprockets and to the Tamiya Tiger I kits drive sprockets test fitted without modification and due to the weight gives a very natural and realistic track sag over the road wheels. Also you can get a very realistic finish to the track after painting by lightly sanding the links to expose the metal where natural wear would occur.

Track links around the Dragon drive sprocket
Track links around the Tamiya drive sprocket

A well detailed set of track links with minimal cleanup and very easy assembly to provide natural track sag due to the weight of the metal tracks that fits to different kit drive sprockets without modification.

Highly recommended

Thanks to my Credit Card and the excellent service from Rainbow Ten for the track set.
Or check out the Karaya website for the full range of products.

Page created 24 May 2005

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