1/35th Tow Cables
M4 Sherman

Set No. TCR03
Review by Terry Ashley

This tow cable set from Karaya is designed for any Sherman kit and consists of one length of 0.9mm copper cable plus four resin eyelets to attach to the end of each cable length. There is also three sections of perforated metal Browning .30cal machine gun barrels to use on the hull and co-ax machine guns.

The kit cable can be used as a guide to cutting the copper cable to the correct length and the resin eyelets come with holes in the ends to simply slip onto the cable ends.

The cables are made from soft copper strands which means they are easy to cut and bend for realistic contours as the cable is laid over the vehicle.

Just the thing to add that bit extra to the final look of any Sherman.

Check out the Karaya website for the full range of products.

Page created 23 November 2003

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