Churchill Mk IV AVRE
Conversion Set

# LF1063

Legend have reworked their AVRE turret with minor dimensional and detail updates, these new turret will be in newly produced conversion sets.

The new Legend turret is slightly longer but the width and height are the same as the old one, meaning it's still undersized but they changed the rear left corner outline extended the width of the rear plate which in turn changed the angle of the rear quarter side (with the pistol port).

The casting (weld) seam that ran around the bottom of the original turret has been removed plus a few other very minor detail changes such as correcting the ventilator cover detail but the ventilator is still in the wrong position and the Loader's hatch outline/position has been revised.

The new turret is better than the old one in many details but is still unfortunately undersized when compared to the other resin AVRE turrets such as that from Resicast and against available plans.

Original and revised Legend turret with the arrows indicating the detail updates
Image showing comparitive sizes of resin AVRE turrets.
Resicast turret best matches available plans.
Note: The reworked Legend turret is used in this comparison..

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