IDF Merkava Mk.IIB/C
Conversion Set

Legends # LF1064
Review by Terry Ashley
Following their recent Centurion conversion sets Legends continues the conversion trend with this set designed for either of the Academy Merkava II kits (1351, 1359) to make the later Mk.IIB/C version.

The set consists of 89 resin parts in a light cream resin, 148 etched metal parts two long lengths of wire, a length of fine chain and small beads for the rear turret chain armour. The resin parts are well cast without any blemishes with some very fine parts along with larger parts and due to these all being packed in one plastic bag there were a few breakages among the smaller parts.

There are the usual casting blocks to be removed and some of these are quite substantial requiring care when removing them such as on the turret hatches and side skirts. Due to the multiple pour points the parts are perfectly formed with the side skirts having the lower section very thin but perfectly straight without and hint of warping, so take your time removing the blocks as the extra effort will be worth it to preserve the excellent details.

The largest part is the complete solid cast turret with deep openings under the hatches and includes excellent details on the roof and additional side and top armour with the only cleanup being some minor pour seam lines on the underside of the front and rear extensions which are easy to deal with.

The large turret has many smaller detail parts added from resin and etched parts including well detailed M2 .50cal MGs on the Commander’s cupola with additional etched parts and mounted centrally above the barrel as well as the 7.62GPMG on the loader’s hatch with separate ammo box and lid.

At the rear of the turret is an incredible detailed and complex turret basket from etched parts that will require care to assemble and some soldering skills would come in handy here. Added to the underside if the basket is the usual chain armour made up of the fine chain and beads provided and again care and patience will be rewarded with superbly detailed assemblies.

The added details on the hull include a new rear panel with very detailed multi-part storage containers with the distinctive grills in finely etched metal. The new style side skirts are as mentioned very finely cast in resin with all the bolt head details and even includes the cast on individual small numbers carried on the separate plates while at the front are etched mud flaps and the new resin armour panel on the glacis in front of the driver’s position.

The instructions are in the form of a double sided A4 page with clear colour photos of the model during construction with the parts called out by number clearly showing the location and these instructions should make assembly quite easy to accomplish.

This is a superbly detailed and extensive conversion that will build into a fine replica of the Merkava Mk.IIB/C but as mentioned some care will be needed on certain areas and previous experience working with resin and etched parts will come in handy but the result will be excellent.

Metal bits
Etched Parts
Resin parts
Instruction Sheets
Legend Legend

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See the Legend Productions site for more details on this and other sets available.

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