Churchill Mk V
Conversion Set (for Tamiya)

Legend # LF1099
Review by Peter Brown
As with the other Legend conversions for the Tamiya Churchill, this is suitable for either the original Crocodile kit #35100 or the basic Mk VII kit #35210 without the flame trailer. It converts to the earlier cast turret Mk V version mounting a 95mm Close Support howitzer. This Mark is basically similar to the Mk IV which was built with the 6pdr with some later reworked to 75mm and the Mk VI built with 75mm though there were variations in the turret shell as production continued. The casting here has the extractor ventilator on the turret centre line, unlike the earlier Churchill Mk IV AVRE Conversion Set LF1063 which has the ventilator on the left-hand side. Some parts are the same as in this set and NA75 kit LF1091 but some are new. Photos of those parts which are new for this kit are shown.

As usual with Legends conversions most of the parts are cast cleanly in cream resin with just the usual carrier blocks and small sections of thin film to cut or clean away, plus an etched brass fret. Assembly is straightforward, the instruction sheet uses colour photos showing the parts breakdown and a step by step sequence of a model being built showing the original kit parts have to be removed and where the new items fit.

There is a complete new turret with a fairly subtle cast texture. As with the AVRE and NA75 kits it is a solid block with many details cast in, there are deep indentations under both hatches for those who want to put crew figures in place. The same shape problems as the other kits are also in this one as the front plate should be more rounded, top edge is too square and the angle next to the commander's cupola should be curved and not as sharp angle. The lower edge is well profiled however.

Commander's rotating cupola is a separate part with separate hatch flaps for it and the loader’s hatch. Turret stowage bin separate which this allows it to be fitted leaving the clear gap between it and the turret rear to clear the circular opening. Gun mount with support for BESA machine gun comes as one part to drop into the turret front, BESA and main 95mm barrel are separate. Gun barrel has a deep hole at the muzzle end and the small outer flange, though it does not have the large bolt head seen on the top of counterweight. Take care cutting away the carrier block and you will need to drill out the mantlet face to seat the barrel at the right depth or else shorten the barrel and add suitable reinforcement.

For the hull there is a new front section as with the AVRE and NA75 sets, as are new side doors in the characteristic square style of those on earlier Churchill tanks, new sections of the hull panniers forward of them as well as the first two suspension units each side as well as the forward section of outer hull armour plates. Care will be needed here to cover up the join between plastic and resin parts. Etched brass parts are supplied for the framework which supported the track between the idler and the main panniers, with other brass parts for the front mud chutes. The big bolt heads which attached the outer armour plates are included as resin items.

New one-piece resin side air intakes come with etched mesh screens for the top and etched lifting eyes. There is an etched cover for over the rear exhaust louvres and a new hull rear plate, a pair of one-gallon POW cans and a Jerry can which has moulded-in indented lettering which is for some reason in German!

There are forty separate track links which match the light-pattern style of the kit tracks. While not enough to replace the kit tracks, as well as the standard stowage items for the hull side for which etched mountings are given there are plenty to fit as required as extra armour.

Overall, this is a good set which will result in a neat Mk V. We may well see Mk IV or Mk VI versions in due course, fitting a suitable barrel and changing some minor detail changes and you could build one using most of this set.



Mr. Churchill's Tank
The British Infantry Tank Mk.IV

David Fletcher
Schiffer Military Publications
ISBN 0-7643-0679-0

See review for details.


Churchill Infantry Tank 1941-51
New Vanguard No.4
Osprey Publishing
ISBN 1 85532 297 8

Good overall coverage of all variants of the Churchill.


Tamiya Photographic Album No.3
British Churchill Tank

Tamiya Plastic Model Co.

Has some excellent line drawings of the Mk.III/IV hull, turret and smaller details as well as full walkaround of the Mk.VII.


Tanks Illustrated No.25
The Churchill Tank

By Chris Ellis
Arms & Armour Press.
ISBN 0-85368-808-7

A good overall coverage of the Churchill with many shots of the AVRE with close up of the petard.

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