Missile Carrier

Legend Productions 1:35 Set #LF1141
For Academy kit #13406

Review by Terry Ashley

Academy Legends Productions continue their Israeli update sets with two sets for the IDF OREV (M151A2) TOW Missile Vehicle with set #LF1141 being the Missile resupply vehicle and set #LF1142 the TOW Missile launch vehicle and as you would expect both share a number of parts for the conversions.

Both sets are designed for the recent Academy M151A2 TOW Missile Launcher (Kit#13406) but could also be used on the older Tamiya M151A2 TOW Missile Launcher (kit #35125) without too many problems.

This set #LF1141 has 77 parts in the usual light cream resin plus a small etched fret and small lead sheets with the quality of the resin casting being very good as we have come to expect from Legends with just the largish casting blocks and some fine resin film to be removed before assembly. There were a few parts with minor warping but this is easily fixed with a quick dip in warm water and isn’t a problem and there was the occasional air hole exposed when some of the larger casting blocks were removed but nothing that can’t be filled easily or hidden out of the way when assembling the set.

Etched parts

While there are a lot of small parts with the etched parts adding further details there are no actual alterations required on the Academy kit with most of the parts just add-ons which makes assembly quite straightforward.

The set provides a full set of replacement wheels which have good rim and tyre tread details with the rim lightening holes and central hitch ring very well defined with little or no cleanup required and the small casting block scar can be positioned out of the way at ground contact.

The large TOW Missile racks on the rear will require a bit of care during assembly but nothing to difficult with the other smaller items easily positioned either replacing the kit parts or as additions for the IDF configuration such as the distinctive rolled tarp on the hood with most of the tie down straps indicated to be made from paper strips although thin lead foil could also be used to allow better texturing.

The instructions are the usual colour photographs of the model during construction with the parts called out by number and as there are no really complicated assembly sequences they are quite easy to follow.

This is a relatively simple update without any kit alterations required and the good quality resin with added etched parts makes for a nice companion to the TOW Launcher Vehicle from set #LF1142.

Highly recommended 8/10

Resin parts

Thanks to Legends Productions for the review set.

Page created March 29, 2007

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