Legend Production
US M2 Halftrack Stowage set
Legend Production Kit No. LF1150
1:35th Scale

Review by Terry Ashley


Legend Productions continue their stowage sets with another ample set designed to be used on the recent Dragon Models M2A1 Half-Track (kit #6329).

The set consists of approximately 80 pieces in cream resin which are again cast is to a very high standard without any blemishes such as air holes of the like and just the usual casting blocks to be removed. Some of these are quite substantial especially on the larger pieces but using the new resin saw from Lion Roar (#LT0026) made short work of these.

The largest pieces are a long storage box with additional gear draped over the top that fits on the rear fender extensions of the M2 and two long pieces designed to go along the hull sides, one with a couple of ditching logs and large rolled tarps with smaller tarps and satchels included. These parts have the largest casting blocks to be removed but with care there shouldn't be any problems removing these.

There are many individual rolled tarps with a couple curved for the front fenders, bed rolls and ruck sacks and ammo pouches as well as barbed wire roll often seen carried on the front bumper of half-tracks although this does lack a bit of definition being in resin and not actual wire.

Added to these is a large selection of equipment with wooden crates, jerry cans with separate grab handles, US Steel helmets and water bottles plus Cal.50 and Cal.30 ammo boxes, two Thompson SMGs and a couple of buckets, oil cans and some wine bottles and a lantern for something different.

There is a lot of pieces in the set and using them all on one vehicle may over do it a bit meaning you can easily use this set on a couple of kits and not just M2s. Some of these items may not be seen strewn on a moving vehicle but are very useful for a diorama setting and the sheer number of pieces in the set may be more than you would see on one vehicle allowing you to use the set on two or more kits.

Again remember when using these items to add straps or other means of support as velcro was not invented during WWII and just having them hanging in mid air un-tethered on a fender or hull side is not a good look.

This is another very well cast and detailed set of stowage and there is enough pieces in the set to use on more than one kit plus the additional parts for a diorama setting making for another good value stowage set.

Highly recommended.

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Thanks to Legends Productions for the review set.

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