Legend Production
M1126 Stryker Stowage set
Legend Production Kit No. LF1153
1:35th Scale

Review by Terry Ashley

The Set:
Legend Productions joins Blast Models and Real Model with a set of vehicle stowage designed for the M1126 Stryker ICV with the box top saying it's designed for the Dragon/Trumpeter Stryker and it would appear Legends are getting ahead of themselves or they know something we don't?

The set consists of approximately 85 pieces in cream resin plus a small sheet of printed MRE ration packs and some lead sheet for the securing straps.

The parts are again cast is to a very high standard without any blemishes such as air holes of the like and just the usual casting blocks to be removed. Some of these are quite substantial especially on the larger pieces but using the new resin saw from Lion Roar (#LT0026) made short work of these.

The largest piece is the group of boxes, tarps and ruck sacks designed for the rear hull roof and this part has the largest pouring block on the bottom which required a bit of effort to remove and by cutting a little from all sides you can reduce any damage to the part as well as ensuring the saw cut is going in the right direction.

There are many individual tarp rolls, bed rolls and numerous ALICE packs but unfortunately like the Real Model set these are not really applicable for the Stryker as the MOLLE system replaced the ALICE packs before the Strykers were deployed but the ALICE packs would be useful for an earlier time frame.
The barbed wire roll provided lacks real definition in resin over that provided by using real wire with a number of etched sets proving convincing barbed wire.

A good selection of 20mm and Cal.50 ammo boxes are included as well as 10 new style plastic jerry cans, four 'fritz' helmets and a spare tyre without the wheel rim, this is based on the AFV Club tyre for excellent tread pattern and is usually carried over the winch cover.

As a bonus you get the printed sheet with MRE packs that are easy to cut out and assemble, this also allows you to show the boxes open for a bit of animation if you wish with the lead sheet used for the tie down straps on the hull top items but care is needed when handling lead sheet. Make sure you wash your hands after handling this to avoid any problems.


The set is nicely cast with a large selection of pieces to use on one or more kits but is marred by the use of the ALICE packs instead of the current MOLLE system. The MRE boxes are a nice inclusion and the set could be adapted to use on any modern vehicle really for another useful stowage set from Legends.


Resin Parts:

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Thanks to Legends Productions for the review set.

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