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KV Series Clickable Track
LionMarc Model Designs Set No. CL30008
Review by Terry Ashley

This set of resin replacement clickable tracks is designed for the Trumpeter KV kits and represents the single link type of track with the set containing 195 individual links which are cleanly cast in light cream resin.

The detail on the links is well defined with excellent rib and end connector details with the only cleanup required is some thin resin film in the link sprocket holes. This is easily removed with a sharp X-Acto blade requiring little time before starting assembly.

Resin track links
LionMarc Model Designs
Links before and after minimal cleanup
LionMarc Model Designs

Each link has a large and small pin which fits into corresponding holes in the next link in keeping with some other resin links available. After the minimal cleanup assembly is straightforward by slipping one link over the larger pin and with slight downward pressure clip the link over the small pin.
Do not exert too much pressure or the link will crack at the thinnest point near the sprocket hole but if this happen a small dab of cyanoacrylate will fix things and you soon learn the best amount of pressure for the easiest fitting.

Link details showing locating pins and locating holes
LionMarc Model Designs
Assembly sequence
LionMarc Model DesignsLionMarc Model Designs

Assembly was then quick and easy for the subsequent links which form into quite robust track runs which don’t tend to fall apart with normal handling like some click together links tend to do.

The assembled track runs fit neatly around the Trumpeter sprockets and also the Eastern Express KV sprockets if you wished to use these links on those kits.

Assembled tracks around Trumpeter drive sprocket.
LionMarc Model DesignsLionMarc Model Designs

A cleanly cast and nicely detailed set of KV tracks with the minimal cleanup required making for quick and easy assembly.

Highly recommended

See the KV Series Subjects page for reviews of other track and detail sets available on site.

Thanks to Leo from LionMarc Model Designs for the review set.

Page Created January 28, 2006

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