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Barrel set for Char B1 bis
LionMarc Model Designs Set No. LM10009
Passion Models Set P35-007
1:35th Scale
Review by Terry Ashley


LionMarc Model Designs have released this set of metal barrels for the Tamiya Char B1 bis (kit #35282) which consists of two parts in brass and two in aluminium, all cleanly machined without any cleanup needed.

The sizes of all barrels match available 1:35 plans and simply replace the kit parts with only very minor surgery needed.

Metal barrel parts
LionMarc Model Designs

The main 75mm gun is in turned aluminium with the drilled out muzzle having rifling included plus the small notches on the side of the barrel and this fits snugly into the replacement brass mounting that in turn replaces the kit parts A16 and D1.

One of the kit poly caps fits into the brass mounting and you then simply fit this over the large pin on part D9 just like with the assembled kit barrel and mounting.

75mm barrel and mounting fitted to kit part D9
LionMarc Model Designs

This allows the gun to elevate but not to traverse as with the kit, but this movement is so small on the Tamiya kit it shouldn’t be missed and the remainder of the kit hull is assembled as per kit instructions without any alterations needed.

Metal barrel fitted to Tamiya hull
LionMarc Model DesignsLionMarc Model DesignsLionMarc Model Designs

For the turret there is the 47mm barrel which again is nicely machined in aluminium with hollowed out muzzle. To fit this you simply cut the kit barrel (part A12) level with the length of the metal barrel, drill a small hole in the remaining barrel stub and insert the pin on the back of the barrel, again all very easy.

Finally the small machine gun barrel is cleanly machined in brass with drilled out muzzle (no, no rifling) and you simply replace the plastic kit barrel without any alterations required as there is already a locating hole in kit MG mantlet (part C6).

Alterations to kit barrel to fit the metal 47mm barrel
LionMarc Model DesignsLionMarc Model Designs
Barrels fitted to Tamiya turret
LionMarc Model Designs

A small colour instruction sheet has photos of the kit parts being fitted to the Tamiya kit clearly showing what is needed but it’s fairly obvious in any case.

This is a very simply update set with only minor alterations required on the Tamiya kit and the rifling in the 75mm barrels add nice detail over the kit barrels.

Highly recommended.

This barrel set is also distributed under licence in Japan by Passion Models as set #P35-007

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Hommes et Matériels du 15e BCC CHARS B AU COMBAT
Histoire & Collections
ISBN 2-913903-42-8
B1-B1 bis-B1 ter

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ISBN 2-9520988-4-4
Char B1 bis
AFV Super Detail Photo Book Vol.2
Model Art Co.Ltd
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Thanks to Leo from LionMarc Model Designs for the review set.

Page created August 17, 2006

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