LionMarc Model Designs
2cm KwK30 Barrel
LionMarc Model Designs Set No. LM10027
Passion Models Set P35-026
1:35th Scale

Review by Terry Ashley

The Set:
LionMarc Model Designs/Passion Models follow their recent 2cm Flak38 barrel (set #LM10025/P35-023) with this replacement barrel for the 2cm KwK30 barrel as used on the the Sd.Kfz.222 Armoured Car Early, Sd.Kfz.232 6 Rad, Sd.Kfz.232 8 Rad Early and Pz.Kpfw II Ausf A to F. It should be noted this barrel is different from the KwK38 barrel which is shorter than the KwK30 and also has a different style flash suppressor the same as the FlaK38.

The set consists of the turned brass barrel with a separate brass flash suppressor and a very small brass flash suppressor securing bracket with no cleanup required on any of the parts.

Three brass barrel parts
LionMarc Model Designs

The brass barrel has a small 1mm pin for attaching to the donor gun and includes the two textured hand grip sections for changing the barrel which are seen on all KwK30 barrels and is not included on any other available barrel at this time with the flash suppressor including the eight rows of four small holes cleanly drilled out. There is also the larger holes around the rear section of the flash suppressor and a small notch in the neck, these features are also not included on other KwK30 barrels available.

Dimensionally the barrel matches the 1:35 plans in the recent Panzer Tracts No.2-1 Panzerkampwagen II Ausf.A-C book perfectly in length, width and the size of the flash suppressor. Some reference photos suggest there is a slight flare on the flash suppressor while others clearly show there is none. So the barrel is correct in representing the 2cm without the very marginal flare if there actually is and it is not a distortion in the photos that suggest there is. The only other minor issue is the thickness of the flash suppressor cone is a little thick and filing this to thin a little will give a better appearance but this is only a very minor issue with the barrel details being superb overall.

Assembling the barrel parts is very straightforward with the flash suppressor just slipping over the tapered end of the barrel tube to give the correct contours of the barrel but don't force the flash suppressor onto the tube, just push it enough to fit snug as this results in the correct length. Fitting the small suppressor bracket will need care both in locating it centrally between the two small indents on the suppressor collar and not losing it in the process as it's very small, so take care.

Assembled barrel/flash suppressor
LionMarc Model Designs

Fitting the barrel to either the Dragon Panzer II kits (#6263, #6432) or the Tamiya Panzer II kit #35292 is quite straightforward with you cutting the plastic barrel from the gun, drilling a 1mm hole and inserting the barrel pin, all very easy. Both kit guns/turrets are then assembled as per kit instructions with fitting to any other applicable kit requiring little effort other than drilling the pin hole, but test fitting will determine what is needed.

Fitting barrel to Dragon Panzer II 2cm gun.
Note kit barrel is slightly too short which is fixed when fitting the metal barrel.

LionMarc Model Designs
Fitting barrel to Tamiya Panzer II 2cm gun
LionMarc Model Designs
Additional image of the barrel fitted to the Tamiya Panzer II turret,
also note the MG34 has been replaced with the ABER Set #35 L-70 to improve this also.

LionMarc Model Designs

A quick comparison with the other metal KwK30 barrels available sees this Lionmarc/Passion Models barrel being spot on dimensionally while the armoscale barrel (set #B35-027) and RB Model (set #35B25) are a little short overall and also lack the textured hand grips on the barrel tube. The older Jordi Rubio barrel (set #TG-21) is about 2mm too long and the flash suppressor is solid without any holes and doesn't really compare well with the other two.

Comparison with Armorscale, Jordi Rubio,
Lionmarc/Passion Models and RB Model barrels

LionMarc Model Designs

This 2cm KwK30 barrel from Lionmarc/Passion Models is the correct size dimensionally and includes the textured barrel hand grips for an excellent appearance with the only minor issue being the thickness of the flash suppressor cone.

Fitting the the target kit is very straightforward and overall this is clearly the best available KwK30 metal replacement barrel available at this time and will improve the look of whatever kit it is used on considerably.

Highly recommended

Panzer Tracts No.2-1
Panzerkampwagen II Ausf.A-C

ISBN 0-99815382-2-3
Pz.Kpfw.I/Pz.Kpfw.II and variants
Achtung Panzer No.7

Dainippon Kaiga Co.,Ltd..
Pz.Kpfw.II Ausf.F
AFV Super Detail Photo Vol.7

Published by Model Art Co.Ltd.
Panzers I and II and their Variants:
From Reichswehr to Wehrmacht

by Walter J. Spielberger
ISBN: 0764326240
Covers show original German Language edition and
re-issued English Schiffer Publications edition

Thanks to LionMarc Model Designs for the review set.

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