LionMarc Model Designs
Browning M2 Cal.50 barrel
LionMarc Model Designs Set No. LM10026
Passion Models Set P35-027
Browning M2 Cal.50 barrel
with a barrel changing handle

LionMarc Model Designs Set No. LM10028
Passion Models Set P35-027S
1:35th Scale

Reviews by Terry Ashley

The set:
LionMarc Model Designs/Passion Models have revised and reissued their barrel sets for the U.S. M2 Cal.50HB (Heavy Barrel) Machine Gun. There are now two sets available, set #LM10026/P35-027 with just the metal barrel and cooling jacket and set #LM10028/P35-027S which has the metal barrel as well as the barrel changing handle with the actual barrel parts the same in each set.

These new sets replace the previous M2 Cal.50 barrel sets (LM10016/P35-011) which are no longer available and address some detail issues with the initial barrels as well as incorporating new features to improve the barrels and the fitting to the target cal.50 receiver.

The basic barrel in both sets consists of three parts, the barrel tube which has the reduced size muzzle hole pre-drilled which corrects the oversized muzzle hole in the initial set although it is still fractionally oversized but in most instances would not be that noticeable. There is also the machined cooling jacket and a new small metal collar that fits into the back of the cooling jacket holding the barrel perfectly central to make fitting easier.

The three brass barrel parts in both barrel sets (left)
and the additional changing handle parts in set #LM10028 (right)

LionMarc Model DesignsLionMarc Model Designs
LionMarc Model Designs

There is no cleanup needed on the brass parts with the detail on the cooling jacket being very well done with the correct taper plus the three and four rows of lightening holes captured nicely as well as the two rear indentions have been refined further with the size of the jacket and holes matching various available 1:35 plans to within acceptable tolerances.

The barrel details are also nicely done with the notches around the front of the cooling jacket attachment included and the muzzle tip has the slight faired step instead of the sharp step on the initial barrel which also matches the real tip and as mentioned the muzzle hole has been reduced in size to better represent the actual muzzle.

Assembly is very straightforward by just slipping the barrel through the back of the cooling jacket and fitting the retaining ring in place over the barrel shaft to hold securely in place. The contours at the back of the barrel also ensure the cooling jacket sits in the right position in relation to the front securing notches with the fit being very snug without any excessive movement of the parts.

Image of barrel bore hole and the actual bore hole for comparison
LionMarc Model Designs
Note the new rear collar to ensure the
barrel pin is located centrally in the jacket

LionMarc Model Designs

Fitting the metal barrel to any available kit gun receiver is basically the same, just cut off the plastic barrel/cooling jacket drill a small hole for the barrel attachment pin and fit in place ensuring the cooling jacket is aligned correctly with the indentations as the sides.

Metal barrel added to the Bronco Models .50cal from their recent Staghound AA kit (#CB35026)
Bronco Models
LionMarc Model Designs
View of the front of the cooling jacket and notches in barrel that match the real thing very well
LionMarc Model Designs
Overall view of the assembled barrel
LionMarc Model Designs

Included in set #LM10028 are the additional very small metal parts for the barrel changing handle and these do have to be handled with care to avoid feeding the carpet monster and consist of two pre-formed wire handle brackets, a thin hollow tube for the handle, a small pin for the upper bracket and a small perforated retaining ring that slips over the barrel tube.

Changing handle parts and assembled wire handle
LionMarc Model DesignsLionMarc Model Designs

Firstly slip the pre-formed wire brackets into the wire tube handle and fit the upper pin in place securing with a drop of cyanoacrylate (super glue), then slip the perforated brass ring over the barrel and then slip the assembled handle wire over the barrel.

The next part is a little tricky but you have to bend the top sections of the wire over around the barrel until it meets snugly around the barrel, this may need a little tweezer work. Unfortunately the wire is quite stiff and bending this around the barrel for a snug fit is quite a problem with the wire moving all over the place and resulted in damage to the already assembled handle.

After starting again and fitting one wire section to the barrel and gluing firmly in place with cyanoacrylate I then added the perforated barrel ring and then the other wire section but getting these to sit snugly around the barrel was still quite a task. Added to this the perforated barrel ring has a section without holes that has to go right under the handle and trying to get the wire segments and the ring all lined up at the same time proved quite a frustrating afair.

While the handle assembly is very fiddely and time consuming the final 3D appearance is better than the available 2D etched handles if you can stick the distance.

View of assembled barrel and wire changing handle
the small upper pin still needs to be adjusted in alignment.

LionMarc Model Designs
This revised M2 Cal.50cal barrel has a number of refined features from the initial release and results in a more detailed barrel and cooling jacket with the new rear alignment ring making assembly a breeze to any available cal.50 machine gun and makes for a very viable replacement cal.50 barrel.

The additional barrel changing handle in set #LM10028 has very fine parts that will need patience and care to assembly and is not for the faint heated or if you have zero patience. But as mentioned the final 3D appearance is better than the 2D etched handles available in many cal.50 detail sets.

Highly recommended

See a comparison of the available M2 Cal.50 metal barrels (will be updated shortly to include this barrel set)

The sets are also marketed in Japan under the Passion Models label by M.S.Models and are the same barrel parts as the LionMarc sets.

Thanks to LionMarc Model Designs for the review sets.

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