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75mm Sherman Barrel

LionMarc Model Designs Set No. LM20001
1:35th Scale
Review by Terry Ashley

This simple replacement early 75mm Sherman barrel was originally designed by Tiger Model Designs and now also packaged by Lionmarc with just the single machined barrel in the set.

The barrel is produced from actual measurements of the real barrel to include the slight flair at the muzzle applicable to this early barrel and is cleanly turned with the muzzle hollowed out to about 4.5mm but there is no rifling included.

metal barrel
LionMarc Model Designs

To allow the barrel to be used on any 75mm Sherman kit the barrel only has the portion of the barrel outside of the mantlet and so some minor alterations are required on the target kit barrel to fit.

This consists of dry fitting the plastic kit barrel and marking where the barrel meets the mantlet face and then cutting the barrel at this point. Next drill a 2mm hole in the remaining kit barrel stub and fit the new metal barrel, the rest of the assembly is then as per kit instructions.

There is one issue with the length of the barrel which appears to be about 1.5mm short when compared to available data. Kurt Laughlin's detailed analysis on Track Link shows the length of the barrel from the front of the mantlet to tip as 67.625 inches but allowing for minor differences in the cylindrical section relative to the gun shield a figure of 67.5 inches would be more likely which equates to 48.986mm (or close enough to 49mm) in 1:35 scale. This barrel measures 47.5mm long but this can easily be remedied when cutting the kit barrel by moving the cut 1.5mm further up the barrel.

The test model used here is the Dragon M4A1 Early version (kit #6048) and after the above mods the fit was very good except I shortened the metal barrel locating pin slightly to allow for the kit barrel mounting pin which fits into the barrel from the inside but apart from that it was a quick and easy fitting.

Comparison of Dragon and Lionmarc barrel
LionMarc Model Designs
Dragon barrel cut as per text to accept the metal barrel
LionMarc Model Designs
Metal barrel fitted to Dragon barrel stub for easy fitting to kit
LionMarc Model Designs
To fit the barrel to either the Academy or Tamiya Shermans see the
review of the Lionmarc late 75mm barrel for the alterations needed.

A quick and easy replacement barrel with the correct dimensions to update any applicable early Sherman and should be a welcomed additional for Sherman fans.

Highly recommended

Thanks to Leo from LionMarc Model Designs for the review set.

Page created January 8, 2006

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