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Sturmtiger Barrel
LionMarc Model Designs Set No. LM20009
Passion Models Set P35-010
1:35th Scale
Review by Terry Ashley

AFV Club

Lionmarc in conjunction with Passion Models have released this resin and metal barrel for the recent AFV Club Sturmmörser Tiger (kit #AF35103) which consists of three parts in light grey resin and the rifling tube in brass.

Resin and metal parts
LionMarc Model Designs

The quality of the resin casting is excellent with just some very small remnants of the casting blocks to be cleaned up without any air holes or other blemishes with the brass tube not requiring any cleanup at all.

Detail on the large mantlet sees the correct 31 gas holes around the muzzle and subtle casting texture on the mantlet that includes the two small bolts on the side and counter weights on top and bottom with an additional round counter weight to be added if required.

The central barrel section includes the smaller inner ball mountings that replace the kit parts SE2, SE3 with again nice subtle cast texture on the outer section and the brass rifling tube includes the nine rifling bands which are a little straight with just a slight curve but this would be hard to notice once assembled and looks the part.

Barrel assembly
LionMarc Model DesignsLionMarc Model Designs
Note the outer barrel/mantlet would not be fitted until after the
ball mounting is added to the kit as per the kit instructions

LionMarc Model Designs

Assembly is very straightforward without the need for any kit alterations or trimming and basically follows the kit instructions with the resin parts simply replacing the kit plastic parts.

Two views of the assembled barrel fitted to the AFV Club kit
LionMarc Model DesignsLionMarc Model Designs

A very nicely cast and detailed barrel with the muzzle gas holes better positioned than the kit barrel and the one piece brass rifling tube fits well and again is considerably easier to fit than the etched kit rifling part.

Highly recommended 8/10

This barrel set is also distributed under licence in Japan by Passion Models as set #P35-010

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Thanks to LionMarc Model Designs for the review set.

Page created February 28, 2007

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