Lion Roar
3.7cm FlaK 43 Barrel
Lion Roar set #LB3514
Review by Terry Ashley

Lion Roar are the latest manufacturer to released a 37mm Flak43 AA gun barrel with this set that has the barrel and flash suppressor machined in one piece eliminating any assembly or cleanup required.

Metal barrel
Lion Roar

The flash suppressor is cleanly machined and is fully hollowed out back past the collar gas holes with cleanly drilled holes in the flash suppressor and the collar but the suppressor cone thickness is slightly thicker than on some other FlaK43 barrels available, but not to say it is excessive as it is perfectly acceptable just slightly thicker.

Flash suppressor
Lion Roar

The flash suppressor and barrel length matches in size exactly to the 1:35 plans in Panzer Tracks No.12 Flakpanzer and Nuts and Bolts Vol.13 Flakpanzer IV and being in one piece it can be fitted directly on the applicable Tamiya or Italeri kits. The modifications needed are similar on both kits by simply cutting off the kit barrel at the front of the gun, drill a small hole and slip the metal in place, all very easy.

Fitting barrel to Tamiya Flak
Lion Roar

Another nicely detailed barrel with the flash suppressor being well done with cleanly machined holes and easy fitting for a simple update to add that extra detail to any Flak43 kit.

Highly recommended.

37mm Flak 43 barrel comparison :
There are other 37mm Flak43 barrels available from ARMO, Armorscale, Modelpoint and Schatton Modellbau and I will have a brief look at those here to see how they compare.

The ABER barrel (35 L-10) is the correct length with fully opened out suppressor and collar holes with the suppressor cone being slightly thinner than the others. The actual barrel is also drilled out giving a better appearance of an actual barrel than the others which have solid barrels and is the better of those available.

The ARMO barrel (35 715) is too short and thin and while the flash suppressor is fully hollowed out with cleanly drilled holes the collar holes are solid with just indentations to represent the holes.

The Armorscale barrel (B35-029) is identical in all respects to the ABER barrel so I'll leave it at that?

The Lion Roar barrel (LB3514) rates second amongst those available being the correct length with fully opened out flash suppressor and collar holes but the suppressor cone is slightly thicker and the barrel is solid without the hollow barrel look of the ABER barrel.

The Modelpoint barrel (3574) is too short and the flash suppressor is undersized compared to available data. Also while the flash suppressor holes are opened out, those in the neck are solid and precise drilling would be needed to open out.

The Schatton Modellbau barrel (3503) is the correct length and flash suppressor size but the flash suppressor is not fully hollowed out with a hole drilled down the middle and only bevelled at the tip leaving the sides of the suppressor quite thick. The holes are drilled cleanly and you get two barrels in the set with only one in each of the other sets.

Comparison of ABER, Armo, Lion Roar, Modelpoint and Schatton Modellbau barrels
ABER (left), Lion Roar, Modelpoint and Schatton Modellbau (right) barrel flash suppressor
showing the thinner ABER suppressor cone and the bevelled inside profile of the
Schatton barrel
ABERLion RoarModelpointSchatton Modellbau

Thanks to Lucky Model for the review barrel.

Page created January 9, 2007

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