Master Productions
Stowage for M2/M3 Half-track
Master Productions 1:35 Set #MP35045, MP35046
Review by Terry Ashley

DragonMasters Productions have released these two Stowage sets designed for the Dragon M2/M2A1 Half-Track (kit #6329) but as with other sets could also be used with any of the Tamiya Half-Track kits.

The first set #MP35045 consists of just 4 pieces in light cream resin with the quality of the casting being excellent without any blemishes and only very small pour points and minor seam lines to trim off for easy cleanup before painting.

The 4 parts are the two side mine racks filled with other items such as .30cal ammo boxes and some packs with these simply replacing the kit parts, a large collection of gear for across the back bumper supported by a wooden board underneath. This includes some jerry cans, rations boxes, a few .30cal ammo boxes and large rolled tarp across the top and finally the front windscreen armoured panel has more .30cal ammo boxes and some packs and is designed to replace the kit part fixed in the up position.

The detail on the castings is very realistic with well defined details on the folds, bedrolls, tarps with crisp details on the jerry cans and .30cal ammo boxes and only requires careful painting to bring out their best.

MP35045 resin parts
Master Productions

The second set #MP35046 is designed to fit onto the larger front bumper with the winch and consists of one large casting in light cream resin and two smaller castings again with just minor cleanup required before painting.

The spare wheel is moulded from the Dragon kit wheel as it has the flat section which is hidden after assembly along with assorted packs, bedrolls, .30cal ammo boxes and large pot on top for something different.

Again the detail is very well defined for realistic looking stowage with the smaller items being a ration pack and the winch lever to replace the kit part.

MP35046 resin parts
Master Productions

Two very simple stowage sets with excellent details and minimal cleanup that can be used together for a fully stowed half-track.

Highly recommended 8/10.

See the M2/M3 Half-Track Subject page for other detail/update sets available.

Thanks to my credit card and Blast Models for the review set.

Page created June 29, 2007