Mig Productions
Early Panther D Grills
1/35 #35042

Review by Terry Ashley
This simple update set from Mig productions is for the Panther D intake grills as completed in June 1943. These grills represent the middle production Panther D intake grills, the first production grills featured the right hand grill design from this set on both sides of the engine deck. The final production type from September 1943 are the circular type as included in the Dragon Panther D kit.

Consisting of just 2 parts in light cream resin there is only the casting blocks to be removed before use and virtually no other cleanup required. The casting blocks cover the entire bottom of the grills and will need to be removed by sanding on a flat surface using a circular motion. You should check often that not too much resin is being removed to ensire the thickness of the grill base is maintained.

The grill openings will open up as you sand off the casting block, this can be also used as a guide that you have removed enough of the casting block and of course wear a mask when sanding resin parts.

The new resin grills simply replace the kit grills and no other alterations are needed on the kit.


Below are images of the Dragon Panther D hull with the Mig resin intake grills (top)
a plan view of the actual grills (middle) and the Dragon kit with the final type intake grills (bottom)
Mig Productions
Mig Productions
Mig Productions

The update set was purchased via the Blast Models website with the usual quick turnaround time and e-mail notification when the set was sent.

Page created 5 April 2003

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