Mig Productions
T-55 Mantlet without sand cover
#MP 35-050

Review by Terry Ashley
This set consisting of just two pieces cast in light cream resin is designed for the Tamiya T-55A and provides you with a mantlet minus the canvas sand cover.

The casting is excellent without any blemished and includes nice subtle casting effect on the mantlet plus well defined bolt heads.

The second piece is an internal support which is added to the bottom of the Tamiya turret (part B9) to support the new mantlet.

There are no alterations needed to the Tamiya parts to take the resin parts and is just the thing to build a destroyed and burnt out vehicle as seen in many photos such as those from Iraq as well as previous conflicts in the Middle East and the Balkans.


Mig Productions

Thanks to Mig from MIG Productions for the review samples.

Page created 20 January 2004

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