Mig Productions
PzIII/IV Cupola
#MP 35-126

Review by Terry Ashley
This set contains one highly detailed Panzer III/IV cupola with the split hatch and consists of 19 resin parts in light cream resin.

The quality of the casting is excellent with very fine and delicate parts as well as the larger single piece cupola.

The only blemish is some minor dimpling around the cupola and upper hatch rim join but this could be covered with the painting/weathering process.

On the interior of the cupola are the five periscopes made up of two parts each with the vision block and lower hand grip and the pad between each periscope as well as the two part split hatch which of course can be positioned open or closed.

One thing to watch when removing the casting block from the bottom of the cupola is to cut as close as possible to the lower casting block as there are five attachment flanges included on the lower interior of the cupola and it is easy to damage these when removing the casting block if not carfeful. (see image below)

This detailed cupola will suit any on the Panzer III/IV kits fitted with the split hatch cupola and while the assembly is a bit fiddley the end result is worth the effort.


The turret set is also incorporated in the full Panzer IV Ausf.F Conversion Set #MP 35-125

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