Mig Productions
T-34 Burn Out Wheels
#RW 35-053

Review by Terry Ashley
If you wanted to add a bit of battle damage to your T-34 then this set could be for you.

The set consists of 20 rubber tyre style wheels all with the rubber remover/burnt off and differing degrees of damage added to the rims. The rims feature the ribbing around the outer section where the rubber once was and five different wheel configurations are included in the set.

There are 12 wheels A with intact wheels minus the rubber, two each of wheels B, C, D and E all with slightly different rim damage depicted. The set also includes new axles to replace the kit axle so they can be positioned at different angles as well as the separate wheel hubs and axle travel stops for the hull sides, detail that would be seen when the wheel is missing.

The wheels can be used on any rubber wheeled T-34, SU-100 and used in combination with the intact kit wheels virtually any combination of damage can be depicted, this would also allow this set to be used on more than one model if all the wheels aren't depicted as burnt out which was often seen in pics.

In all a very useful detail set for building damaged T-34s in any diorama setting.


Mig Productions
Mig Productions

Thanks to Mig from MIG Productions for the review samples.

Page created 8 January 2004

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