Mig Productions
T-55 Burn Out
1/35 #RW 35-250

Review by Terry Ashley
TamiyaMIG Productions are making a habit of releasing resin update sets that are a little different from the usual detail or correction set with this new set providing parts to depict a burnt out T-55 of the sort that littered the Iraqi desert.

The set is designed to be used with the excellent Tamiya T-55 (kit #35257) and consists of 36 cleanly cast parts in light cream resin with just the usual casting blocks and some thin resin film to be removed from the wheels before assembly.

Included in the set is a modified Calibre35 engine set produced under licence which is basically the same as the Calibre35 set #35021 except for some minor damage to the engine block and includes the upper engine deck and separate deck doors.

The other major items are the twenty road wheels (10 inner and outer) with nice details minus their rubber tyres and include the indentations around the exposed rims but some minor resin film has to be cleaned up as mentioned. The wheels simple slip onto the Tamiya kit axles but as they don’t have the poly cap you will have to glue them to the larger section of the kit axle.

Mig ProductionsMig Productions

The kit barrel is replaced with the resin barrel minus the fume extractor as often seen on burnt our T-55s as well as the mantlet minus its canvas cover which is from the MIG set MP-35050 and a new search light without front glass.

Other items are two damaged fender fuel tanks and a damaged oil tank to replace the kit items and of course you can add as much additional damage to the kit as you wish to get the desired effect such as replacing the fenders with thin metal for realistic damage.

The instructions are a small sheet with a series of colour photos of the Tamiya kit with the resin parts attached, these are also numbered for easy identification and there are also photos of the painted kit using MIG Pigments for a realistic finish.

This is a fairly easy set to use with most parts simply replacing the Tamiya kit items with the only alterations needed is to cut out the kit engine deck for the replacement resin item and as mentioned any amount of damage you wish to add.

Recommended for something different on your T-55

The resin bits
Mig Productions
Mig Productions

Thanks to Mig from MIG Productions for the review samples.
MiG Productions are available in Australia from the local distributor SouthEast Hobbies

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