IS-II Wheel Set & Drive Sprocket Cleaner
1:35 Scale Set #B35004

Review by Terry Ashley

This simple update set is designed for the Dragon IS-II, ISU series kits and consists of 14 road wheel pairs and two drive sprocket cleaners cast cleanly in a light grey/green resin.

The only cleanup required is the removal of the casting block and light sanding of the resulting scar on the wheel rim plus the resin film between the two wheels which is easy to remove and they are ready for use.

The wheel pairs are cast together and are quite impressive with the inner faces of the wheels having crisp well cast details even though there is only a small space between the wheels and after removing the casting block and resin film the wheels are perfect.

Resin wheels (fourteen sets included) and kit wheel for comparison

The resin wheels are the correct size with well defined details on the wheel ribs and hubs and all that is needed to fit the wheels is to drill out the rear axle hole to fit the kit axles.

Also included are two replacement drive sprocket cleaner fittings that simply replace the undersized kit items to enhance this detail.

Another simple update with impressive casting of the wheel pairs to replace the kit wheels for better details and if used in conjunction with set #B35018 IS-II Track and Drive Sprockets will fully transform the running gear of your kit.

Highly recommended.

Thanks to Dmitriy from Model Point US for the review set.

Page Created 19 May 2005

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