T-72B, T-72BM, T-90 Wheel Set, Late version
1:35 Scale Set #B35005

Review by Terry Ashley

TamiyaThis simple update set is designed for the Tamiya T-72 (Kit #35160) or the Trumpeter clone and consists of twenty four road wheels cast cleanly in a light grey/green resin.

The only cleanup required is the removal of the casting block and light sanding of the resulting scar on the wheel rubber section and they are ready for use.

The wheels are the late T-72/T-90 type with the six recessed wheel bolts as opposed to the eight bolts of the earlier wheels in the kits and the detail on the wheels rims and hubs is excellent with well defined wheel bolts and hub cap details.

Fitting the wheels to the kit axles will require you to drill out the axle holes in the resin wheels with an appropriate sized drill bit taking care not to drill all the way through the outer wheel.

Resin wheels (twelve sets included)

Another simple update set with excellent details and minimal cleanup to make a late model T-72B, T-72BM or T-90 that should be welcomed by modern armour fans.

Highly recommended.

Thanks to Dmitriy from Model Point US for the review set.

Page Created 19 May 2005

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