T-72 Track Set
1:35 Scale Set #B35006

Review by Terry Ashley

TamiyaMiniarm from Russia have released this set of individual workable track links designed for the Tamiya T-72M1 (Kit #35160) and also for the Trumpeter clone with the links cast cleanly in a light grey/green resin.

The quality of the casting is excellent with just the casting block along one edge of the link to be cut off and the result scar cleaned up, there is the occasional thin resin film to deal with but this hardly evident and virtually falls off where present.

Track link castings before and after cleanup
Assembled track run

The detail is excellent with well defined track shoe and end pin details that look very good around the drive sprocket and on the tracks in general.

The guide teeth are noteworthy as they have a small stepped effect on the tooth which is evident on the real tracks and shows the attention to detail on the links.

Real guide tooth "step" detail included on the resin guide teeth in the set

The track links are designed to snap fit together with the links having small pins on one side and corresponding locating holes on the other of each link.

Assembly is very quick and straightforward with you simply slipping the link over one pin and slightly flexing the opposite end while applying light finger pressure to click in pin in place in the opposite locating hole.

After assembly the links articulated very freely making for a natural track sag when fitted to the model and the links did not tend to pull apart with normal handling as some snap together links can do.

The fit around the Tamiya drive sprocket was superb without any play and fitting snugly between the sprocket teeth which adds to the final excellent appearance.

Assembly sequence
Track lengths around the Tamiya drive sprockets

A superb set of workable tracks that are easy the assembly and quite robust with minimal cleanup required and will certainly enhance the appearance of your T-72.

Highly recommended.

Thanks to Dmitriy from Model Point US for the review set.

Page Created 19 May 2005

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