T-34 spider web wheels
with perforated tires

1:35 Scale Set #B35014

Review by Terry Ashley

Another set of T-34 road wheels with twenty spider web wheels with perforated rubber sections again with ten inner and ten outer wheels plus separate hub caps for the outer wheels and are designed for the Dragon T-34 based kits.

The quality of the casting is again excellent without any blemishes and just the usual casting block to be removed. There is also some thin resin film inside the wheel lightening holes which is easily removed with a quick pass of the X-Acto #11 blade.

The small hub caps have their casting blocks on the back forming the locating lug and you only need to trim this slightly to get a flat profile and then fit into the locating hole in the outer road wheel, all very easy.

When gluing the inner and outer road wheels together ensure the lightening holes line up and you will probably need to drill out the axle locating hole further depending on the target kit. There is a small scar where the casting block attaches but this can be positioned at ground contact to hide effectively.

Compared to the Dragon spider wheels the ribs are much thinner and the perforation detail finer but you should also note there are three different types of spider web wheels (that I am aware of?). One is the type depicted in the Dragon wheels with every second rib stopping half way into the disk and six smaller lightning holes around the hub. The second type has all the ribs going right to the centre hub and twelve smaller inner lightening holes between each rib and the third type (as depicted in the Miniarm wheels) with the shorter ribs and no smaller lighting holes around the inner hub, this seems to be the least common type of spider web wheel with the first two seen more often.

Another simple set of T-34 road wheels with excellent details and easy assembly and in providing the lesser know pattern gives you the chance to show more variety on your models and is a welcome update set.

Highly recommended

Ten sets of wheels included in set (Dragon wheel in grey)
The real wheel of the type included in the Miniarm set

Thanks to Dmitriy from Model Point US for the review set.

Page Created 8 July 2005

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