D-10-T2S 100mm Barrel

#MP 3516-4
Review by Terry Ashley

This replacement barrel is designed for the Tamiya T-55 kit (No.35257) but can also be used with the ESCI or Trumpeter T-55 kits.

The barrel is in a single piece with the first 10mm drilled out and includes very nicely depicted rifling to a depth of about 5mm. There should also be a fine weld seam down the side of the fume extractor which can easily be added using your favourite method and a large bolt head added under the fume extractor.
The weld seam is shown in pictures either on the left, right or underside of the fume extractor so I guess it's a matter of checking your references.

Single piece barrel
Rifling inside barrel
Weld seam on fume extractor

Fitting to the T-55 kits:
The barrel fits directly into the Tamiya mantlet (part C16) without any modifications, nothing could be easier.
To fit the barrel to the ESCI and Trumpeter T-55s you will need to drill out a 6mm locating hole in the mantlet (ESCI part C72, Trumpeter part B63) to accept the Modelpoint barrel, but is easily done.

A nicely rendered barrel, the rifling is of note and will add that little bit extra to any of the available T-55 kits.


Thanks to Dmitriy from Model Point US for the review sample.

Page Created 16 May 2004

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