M242 25mm barrel
M2A2/M3 Bradley

#MP 3526
Review by Terry Ashley

This replacement barrel is designed for the Tamiya kits, M3 Bradley (Kit No.35131), M2 Bradley (Kit No.35132) or M2A2 IFV (Kit No.35152).

The barrel which is the early non fluted type consists of two metal parts, the brass barrel with perforated muzzle brake and aluminium collar. The quality of the metal parts is of a high standard and the fit is to precise tolerances with the muzzle drilled out to the depth of the perforations.

Unassembled parts

Fitting to the Tamiya M1A1 kits:
There is some minor surgery required on the Tamiya kit mantlet (part B3) to accept the new metal parts by cutting off the front section where it angles inward. A fine razor saw does the job but ensure the cut is parallel with the mantlet and the cut surface is perfectly smooth, the metal collar then fits into the resulting hole in the mantlet with the barrel then fitting into the collar.

Barrel fitted to Tamiya mantlet

In all a very detailed and easy to assemble barrel for early model Bradleys to add that extra bit of detail.


Thanks to Dmitriy from Model Point US for the review sample.

Page Created 16 May 2004

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