Amusing HobbyDMLTrumpeter
NeubauFahrzeug Nr.3-5
1:35 kit comparison
Amusing Hobby
Kit #35A003 - DML Kit #6690 - Trumpeter Kit #05529
Chapter 1: Running Gear

Idler Wheels:
Idler wheels, all three are correct diameter but the width of the rubber wheels sections are different thicknesses,
I have no data which is correct and you can't really see this once the tracks are fitted.
The Amusing Idler has the correct contours and also includes the welds and better defined rim details.
Amusing HobbyDMLTrumpeter
Hull Idler mountings, note the Amusing and DML kits have separate outer panels while it is part of the side sponson on the Trumpeter
kit meaning you have to fit the idler wheel as you attach the side sponsors, not a big deal other than effecting the level of detail included.
Also additional detail on the Amusing idler mountings, it is the only kit with the actual idler tensioning brackets
on the hull and inside the outer panel, the lower return roller bracket also has bolt head detail missing from the other kits.
Amusing HobbyDMLTrumpeter
Views of assembled idlers.
The Amusing kit has a higher level of detail all around than the other two kits both in welds and bolt head detail.
Also note the additional detail on the Amusing idler mountings, the kit also has separate bolt heads for the tensioners should
you wish to replace the moulded on bolts for more improved definition?
Amusing HobbyDMLTrumpeter
Drive Sprockets:
The Amusing sprockets are the only ones with bolt head detail on the inside faces of the sprockets and also the only ones with the correct dish profile on the inner sprocket face. There are also two style of inner disc provided, solid and with indents. An issue to watch with the Amusing instructions when assembling the sprockets is part of the assembly is shown in step 6 (page 5) yet the most important part, that of aligning the rim bolts is shown in a supplementary step at the end of the instructions on page 13, so take note. The images of the Amusing sprockets show what happens when you don't notice this till too late.
Amusing HobbyAmusing Hobby
Dragon have no inner bolts heads but includes the separate inner disc but lacks the dish profile on the inner sprocket face. One issue is the two sprocket wheels are spaced too close together and this narrow spacing causes issues with the track links as we will see later.
Trumpeter bogies have no inner bolt head detail and the are just all wrong. The inner disc is depicted flat against the inner sprocket leaving a totally incorrect outer hub profile. There is also an alignment problem with my Trumpeter kit that results in the sprocket being angled and not vertical as it should be.
All three kits have the rear outer hull panel as a separate part that traps the assembled sprocket onto the inner hull mounting. The Amusing kit includes the full final drive housing while the other two simply locate the sprocket directly to the hull side axle mounting, while I have no actual photo of the NeubauFahrzeug final drive housing we do know that all tanks have final drive gearing of some kind and that the direct mounting on the DML and Trumpeter kits would seem incorrect as depicted. The Amusing kit has the correct angled rear sponson panel which is incorrectly depicted as square on the other two kits.
Amusing HobbyDMLTrumpeter
The Amusing sprocket assembly is again clearly more detailed than the others with the inside sprocket bolts and correctly depicted centre disc and dome profile on the inner sprocket as well as having the full final drive housing for mounting the sprockets to the hull.

Road Wheels/Bogies:
The Amusing Bogies again have better defined details and are the only kit to have the indents at the axles arms as it should be. There are additional parts for the Amusing bogies with alternate full length spring units and some compressed units should you wish to depict the kit going over rough ground. Note, there isn't enough full length spring units for a full set it may be easier to use the partial springs supplied.
Amusing HobbyAmusing Hobby
Full suspension springs and mountings provided in Amusing kit,
note the partially compressed springs as an alternative.
Amusing Hobby
Alternate bogies springs on the Amusing kit with the full units extending through lower suspension panel to hull hull sides.
Amusing Hobby
Dragon parts are very simplified with a single strip that included partial spring assemblies. The bogie arms have less defined detail and the indent at the base of the axle arms are missing, the fewer parts does make for the quickest suspension assembly of the three kits.
Trumpeter bogies with two part springs and etched bracket and again the indent at the base of the axle arms are missing
The main issue with the Trumpeter suspension is the spring units are set at an angle which is incorrect and they should be vertical as correctly depicted on the other two kits.
Assembled bogie close-ups showing the overall better defined detail on the Amusing bogies.
One issue is the ride height of the suspension units, the Amusing axle mounting hub is correctly positioned in relation to the hull according to the available data while the Dragon hub is a little too low and the Trumpeter a little too high, but we are talking only minimal differences that may not be that obvious on the assembled kits.
Amusing Hobby DMLTrumpeter
Overall views of hull with bogies attached, also note better defined hub bolts on the Amusing return roller mountings.
Amusing Hobby
Also note that a couple of the DML return rollers are mounted too low inside the sponson recesses as can be seen in the images and need to be repositioned. Also when fitting the return rollers there is no positive location points and you must ensure they line up with the idler and driver sprocket centre lines, I drew a pencil line along the top of the sponsons to aid in the alignment on the rollers as can be seen in the image below.

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