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NeubauFahrzeug Nr.3-5
1:35 kit comparison
Amusing Hobby
Kit #35A003 - DML Kit #6690 - Trumpeter Kit #05529
Chapter 2: Track

All three kits have individual link tracks, the Amusing and Trumpeter are designed to be workable while the DML is simply glued together to form the track runs. Both the Amusing and Trumpeter kits include small securing pins and assembly jigs to make the process easier.

Accuracy wise the links in all three kits are the correct dimensions give or take a fraction, the main issue is with the DML tracks that have the guide tooth cut-out too big as a direct result of the narrow spacing of the drive sprockets disks as mentioned in Chapter 1.

Detail side the Amusing links have the better defined rib detail on the links, I have also included the new Friulmodel NeubauFahrzeug track set #ATL-119 as a comparison/alternative to the kit tracks and these assemble in the usual Fruilmodel fashion with wire provided for the link pins. The Friul are dimensionally accurate with nicely defined link rib detail and the assembled tracks articulate better than any of the kit tracks and fit all three kit drive sprockets without modification. The only issue is for the tracks to fit the DML kit Friul have also had to make the guide tooth cut-outs bigger than they should the same as with the DML kit track.

Amusing individual working links with separate track pins and assembly jig.
Amusing Hobby
Amusing Hobby
DML individual link nonworking track, the links are simply glued together and fitted around the running gear.
Trumpeter individual working links with separate track pins and assembly jig

Assembly of the Amusing tracks is very straightforward using the jig provided with the longer pins ensuring a very secure fit, the only issue being the links are quite tight and don't articulate freely but once positioned on the return rollers look okay. Just note there are different pins for the left and right sides giving the correct handed appearance, this is noted in the instructions.

Amusing HobbyAmusing Hobby

Assembly of the Trumpeter links is also straightforward using the jig supplied but the main issue is the pins are only just long enough to hold the links together and you must ensure to push the pins as tightly into the link holes to ensure a positive assembly. Even so the assembled links are quite fragile and any slight twisting or rough handling will see the come apart so extreme care is needed when fitting the tracks to the kit running gear. On my kit I ended up gluing together about 30% of the links as they just would not stay together.

Note the short Trumpeter pins compared to the longer Amusing pins as noted above.
Amusing Hobby
Images of the assembled track runs around the respective kit running gear.
Note the oversized sprocket tooth holes in the DML track links.
Amusing HobbyDMLTrumpeter
Images of the kits with their own and the Friul tracks for comparison.
Amusing HobbyDML

See the full review of the Friulmodel Set #ATL-119 NeubauFahrzeug track

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