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1:35 kit comparison
Amusing Hobby
Kit #35A003 - DML Kit #6690 - Trumpeter Kit #05529
Chapter 4: MG Turrets

Machine Gun Turrets:
Each of the turrets are broken down in the usual manner with upper shell and lower turret ring plus separate parts for the front plate and gun mantlet. Dimension wise all three match the available data within accepted levels, there are discrepancies here and there but nothing excessive.

The main issue is with the top hatch which is a different profile with the Amusing and Trumpeter hatch having a rounded rear profile while it is squared off to one side on the DML hatch. To confuse matters more the Doyle 1:35 plans has the squared off hatch while the Tankpower plans has the rounded profile hatch. Wartime photos of the Nr.3-5 vehicles it can be seen the rounded hatch profile is correct which means the Amusing and Trumpeter hatches are also the right profile, the only other issue is the hatches are different sizes in the two kits but the Tankpower plans show the hatches under sized so it's difficult to say which is correct size, sorry. Thanks Jörg for the image updates.

The Amusing kit offers a number of alternate parts such as the separate MG mantlet flap allowing this to be shown open or closed as well as the full MG34 provided plus interior visor frames allowing the visors to be shown open or closed. There are also alternate etched lifting hooks to replace the plastic items for an improvement in definition plus alternate hatch panels to show this open or closed. The other notable feature is the open ventilator with separate top cover for excellent definition.

The DML turret also has internal visor frames allowing the visors to be shown open or closed but the remainder of the detail is quite basic especially to do with the hatch and ventilator details, the MG34 barrel has the better detail definition of the three kits and the weld seams are included.

The Trumpeter turret is very basic with no welds, ventilator moulded solid, basic hatch details and the MG34 barrel has no detailing at all with a smooth barrel devoid of the jacket perforations.

Kit turret parts.
Amusing HobbyDML Trumpeter
Turret interior detail included in the Amusing and DML kits only with full MG in the Amusing turret.
Amusing HobbyDML
Views of assembled turrets.
The Amusing turret is again more detailed with separate MG flap and separate ventilator cover with the actual opening in the turret roof, the top hatch can be shown open or closed as can the side visor covers plus fine etched lifting hooks as an alternative to the plastic hooks.
Amusing Hobby
The DML turret allows the side visor covers to be shown open but not the top hatch which is moulded in one piece and the ventilator is moulded solid. The MG34 barrel is the nicest of the three kits.
The Trumpeter turret allows the top hatch to be shown open but there is no interior provided, all other details are quite basic with solid ventilator and no welds seams and a poorly done MG34 barrel without any cooling holes in the jacket. The lifting hooks and the wrong shape altogether as can be seen compared to the other turret hooks.

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